This story happened in September, 2019. My 2nd year doing the Battle of Middle Creek re-enactment. If you’ve never heard of middle Creek, he’s some info. The Battle of Middle Creek happened on January 10, 1862. The Union Army, commanded by future president James A Garfield was trying to push the confederate army out of Eastern KY. They did so and is the reason Garfield got into government and led his road to the White House.

Now I must say that middle creek wasn’t a deadly battle. No more than 10 killed on each side, but is the scariest battlefield I’ve ever been on.

Even scarier than when I visited Gettysburg earlier that year. When you’re on that field you can feel something, like a presence, a feeling you’re not alone. The first night me and my friends went out to the battlefield just to see what we can see, feel or hear. Same as last year, just feelings that you’re not alone.

But soon after we had dousing rods. Dousing rods are 2 L shaped rods, you touch them to the ground then you’ll ask a question. It’ll pull apart for no and cross for yes. We asked simple questions at first, anyone here? etc. then we asked personal questions.

We was talking to a Union soldier. We asked if he hated the rebels. He said “no” then we asked did he join the war to save the union, he said “yes” we then asked if he was killed here, he said “yes”  all of us felt kinda sad, we spoke about it for a minute, then I asked this “Do you know you’re dead?”  He replied “no” we weren’t suprised to be honest, not much of a reaction from any of us. I told the spirt “The war is over, the Union won. It’s ok to leave, go towards the light” I’m tearing up writing this right now, not in a sad way though. The entire time we didn’t feel a bad feeling, but we felt a heavy, sad feeling. All of a sudden that feeling was gone.

We saved a trapped spirit. My friend, R, started to cry. Not a hard cry but just a quit weep. This isn’t the end of the story I have of Middle Creek 2019. There are a few more things that happened.

The next 3 happened the next night. We got done with the re-enactment that day, so til dark we went to the town and goofed off some. At middle creek we have a night battle at 8. To “wake the spirits” for the ghost walk. Me, J, H, and A were put in a group as soldiers to go with the group, get more activity when you’re in uniform they say. We crossed the road and went to a super small open field and the tour guide gave some info about the spot. It was a place where confederate artillery were placed during the Battle.

We then gave a volley of gunfire and I marched my small company around. As we came back up the hill some fellow re-enactors decided to play with us.

They hopped out of bushes and fired guns at us as a joke. They got us for sure lol. We crossed the road and took at stop at a wood fence. I noticed my friend J was acting off. I walked up and said “you ok man?” He looked at me wide eyed and said “get away”  of course I was curious as to why, but I did. I told A and she took him over and talked to him. Calmed down he told us that when I was marching them around he got these sudden thoughts to take his rifle, which had a bayonet attached, and kill me, A, and H, something he’d never think of of course. He also said he was taken over by a feeling of rage, thoughts of all the people that had hurt him in the past came up.

The next story happened when my group and the other group switched places on the field. Before we went my friend R told me to be sure to fire a salute and to say that “this is for the men who fell here on both sides”  when we got there we did that of course. Now there is a corner we don’t go in at middle creek.

For reasons I learned, in that corner is a very bad spirit, he was summoned when someone played a ouija board there years back and didn’t say goodbye. J and A had left so it was only me and H with the group. They began going to that corner, me and H was not going at all. We started to head back to the camp. Middle creek is a medium sized field with a big cluster of trees in the middle. We was walking in the trees when all of a sudden we got a bad bad feeling. It felt like it was all around us and it was staring to close in.

My vision began to blur and my head felt light.

I though H was gonna start crying. We started to run, we ran back to the big tent and stayed there til the group got back. But before they got back they brought a boy back.

He was super shaken up. Crying uncontrollably. I learned he started doing that when they was in “The Corner”  out of nowhere a woman brings a crystal necklace and puts it around his neck. She then starts saying something, I don’t remember what.  But the boy started seizing up and fell to the ground unconscious.

I’m not sure what to think about that entirely to be honest. The final 2 things are small but interesting. The first one was before J left I noticed 2 small straight red marks on his left wrist. When we was over in the small field his entire wrist was covered so there’s no way anything could’ve done it that I know of. Last, my friend R told me that in that same field, he, my other friends C and Q saw a huge figure.

At least 9 foot tall, all Q could say was “holy shit”  all 3 were non believers in spirits til that night.  I’m still going back this year, I can’t wait. Maybe I’ll have more stories. Well thanks for listening to my story, I hope you enjoyed it. 
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