Even now, I'm still not sure what the heck me and my brothers encountered. I never thought I would encounter anything paranormal, but it looks like I have. Before I get into further details, let me fill you in on a few things.

This story involves some encounters my two younger brothers and I have had with seemingly paranormal events. My brothers and I have been interested in the paranormal from TV shows we’ve watched, like Ghost Adventures for example.

I, on the other hand, was fifty-fifty with anything paranormal. I believed in it, but not as much as my brothers. I always thought I could rely on facts and deductive reasoning. But after my own experiences and listening to my brothers tell their own, I now know that there are things in this world that not even facts and deductive reasoning can explain.

First up, here are two encounters from me of my experience with the paranormal. My first encounter took place when I was in middle school around the age of 15. It was after school and I was in the school’s basement. I had a job of cleaning the bowling alley the school had every Thursday. Due to privacy reasons, the school's name and bowling alley’s name will remain anonymous.

Here’s how the layout of the bowling alley works. This will be important to know for the encounters I’ll be sharing.

When you go in through the side door of the school, there’s a wooden door. Enter through it and you’ll go down a flight of stairs to the bottom where you’ll find a small room. The left side of the room has an entrance to a hallway, leading to the school’s TV Studio, the bathrooms, one of the doorways leading to the bowling alley, and a stairwell going up to the ground level of the school.

In front of you in the room, you’ll see two metal doors colored red. Those are another entrance into the bowling alley. To the right near the back of the room, there’s a janitor’s closet and a wooden door leading to a back room littered with tables and chairs. That backroom also has an entrance into the bowling alley.

When you go into the bowling alley from the red metal doors, you’ll be in the bowling alley. To your right, there’s a bar where snacks, beverages, bowling shoes, and other supplies are stored. Lining the front of the bar are stools. In front of the bar and stools are four tables with four chairs around them in a straight line. Against an elevated platform, three other tables with two chairs can be located.

The elevated platform has three large benches that each house a light fixture above them and a metal scoring table. Ahead of those benches is the approach that houses the ball returns. Then, you see six bowling lanes with machines at the end. Behind those lanes and machines is a workshop that the manager of the bowling alley stores his tools and supplies. Since the backs of the bowling machines are in the workshop, you can access them for maintenance. The workshop also houses another door leading to another part of the school’s basement.

To get to that workshop, there are walkways beside each side of the bowling lanes. One walkway is beside lane 1 and the other one is beside lane 6. Both walkways lead to a black curtain that leads to workshop behind it.

Now that I’ve that cleared up, here's my encounter. I had been at the bowling alley for 10 minutes and was beginning to wash down the top of the bar. I started to get thirsty, so I got a plastic cup from the stack that sat on the bar and filled it up with water from the sink. As I was close to emptying my drink, I heard a loud clank from the workshop area.

This startled me, of course. But seeing that this bowling alley was around eighty years old, my deductive reasoning told me the noise was one of the machines making noise as they tend to do so often. Brushing off the noise, I tossed my plastic cup in the trashcan and continued to wipe down the bar. Five minutes later, another loud clank came from the workshop. Now, I was starting to get a bit nervous. I thought, “Maybe the manager is down here working in the workshop.” When the manager is in the workshop, you can see bright lights from behind the machines, showing that the lights are turned on. But when I looked at the machines, the lights were turned off in the workshop.

I heard rumors from my friends that our school was haunted, but I never thought anything of it. It was probably some silly story the students made up for fun to scare each other. But at this moment, I was beginning to think that the rumor was true. But I wasn’t going to be silly and say it was a ghost. I wanted to say it was the manager because I probably didn't notice he was down here when I arrived. So, I called out, “Hello? Is anyone there?”

No response came back. The more I stared at the machines, the more I began to feel like I was being watched. I called out again, “Hello? Whoever's doing that, I know you’re back there. I can hear you.” Yet, no voice replied, but another loud clank answered. I ducked under the bar. I tried to calm myself down that the sounds were nothing but the machines making noise. But being how nervous I was, I was certain someone was down here with me, but who? And why were they down here after school? I stayed sitting on the floor behind the bar for what seemed like forever. Finally, I mustered up my courage to look over the bar to see if anyone was there. I did so and slowly inched my way up to the top of the bar. No one was in the bowling alley, but me. I decided to quickly wrap up my job and go home. I did not feel very safe down in this bowling alley. So, I did just that and left to go home.

In the following weeks afterward, I was always nervous about going down to the bowling alley. I didn’t tell anyone because I was afraid, they’d think I was making the whole thing up or that I was a big baby. I did, however, tell my little brothers about my encounter. They said it must be a ghost who lurks around the school. Even after that, I still worked down in the bowling alley. Eventually, I forgot about the event and I got used to the bowling alley.

My second encounter happened not too long ago. It occurred around mid-January this year. My dad’s side of the family was hosting a big birthday party at the bowling alley for all the January birthdays my dad’s side had. Believe me, there are a lot of birthdays. They included my dad, two of his sisters, my cousin’s daughter, and a few family members who sadly moved on.

Anyway, the party ended on a great note and everyone had a great time. I also made sure to save some treats for my girlfriend who couldn't make it. My dad, mom, my brothers, and I were locking up the bowling alley and cleaning up. Before we left, my dad asked me to turn off the workshop lights. I went to the workshop and turned off the lights. Immediately, it got pitch black in the workshop. I suddenly began to feel a bad feeling in my stomach. I felt pure terror and danger all around me and I felt like someone was watching me. I could feel that there was something bad right behind me and if I didn’t get the heck out of that workshop, I would be doomed. Adrenaline pumping my body into high gear, I ran as fast as I could out of the workshop and burst out of the curtain as I made a break for the exit. When I made it to the exit, I made the mistake of looking behind me. Why I didn't keep running was beyond me, but I felt like I had to see what I felt threatened by. What I saw almost made me scream like a terrified schoolgirl.

Behind the curtain, I escaped from was this……this thing. I could immediately tell this thing wasn’t human, though it looked like it. The thing was partially behind the curtain, so I couldn’t see the thing entirely, but I did get a good look at it. But I wish I didn’t though. The thing was around 4 or 5 feet, it had gray skin that had a reflective look to it, and its body structure resembled that of a human. I couldn’t see its face, but I could make out what looked like horns on its head. I booked it out of the bowling alley, locked up, and we left.

Those were my experiences. Now, these next two experiences are from my youngest brother. Let’s call him Rocky. His experience happened 4 years ago when he and my mom were down in the bowling alley cleaning since I wasn’t able to clean that day. Rocky was cleaning the bowling lane’s approach when he heard a sound in the workshop. He thought that the machines were making noise like they tend to do, so he brushed it off and continued cleaning the approach. 30 seconds later, Rocky heard the sound in the workshop again. This time, Rocky heard it twice. Rocky called mom and told her that noises were coming from the workshop. Mom said it was probably the machines making noise. Rocky agreed with what mom said and continued sweeping the approach. Later, Rocky put the dust mop away and got the dustpan and brush to clean up all the dirt he collected. Just then, Rocky heard the noise again. Being curious, Rocky went into the workshop and turned on the lights. When he did, he didn’t see anything bizarre. Rocky shrugged it off and went back to work but kept the lights in the workshop on.

Later, Rocky was changing the score sheets on the metal scoring tables when he saw a shadow move around from within the workshop from the gap between lanes 2 and 3 where the ball return was located. Rocky went back into the workshop to see what was going on. When he arrived at the black curtain, he started footsteps coming towards him from behind the machines. Rocky went into the workshop, determined to know what was making the noise. When he entered the workshop, he saw a glimpse of a dark figure standing at the machine of Lane 6. The figure was as black as the curtain. It was about 4 feet tall, slightly shorter than Rocky. Its hands had long nails and the hands stuck out to the side as it stood perfectly still. Other than that, Rocky couldn't make out any other details.

Rocky ran out of the workshop and told mom what he saw. Mom thought that Rocky was joking around and didn’t pay much mind to Rocky’s claim. Rocky and mom finished working and went back home.

The second encounter Rocky had was with my second brother this past January. We’ll call him Trevor. Rocky and Trevor came down to the bowling alley to clean. They had the lights of the workshop turned on while they worked because if anything happened in the workshop, they could catch it immediately. At the end of their cleaning job, Rocky and Trevor were turning off the lights in the bowling alley. When they turned off the lights in the workshop, Rocky and Trevor saw a white ball of light, or anomalies as the guys on Ghost Adventures refer to them as floated up to the ceiling and then slowly descended back down. Then, Rocky and Trevor saw the face of a male. The face looked distorted as if  my brothers were looking at this man's face on a Youtube video with bad quality. Since the face was so distorted, Rocky and Trevor couldn’t make out any details. The face looked at them and then launched up into the ceiling and vanished. Rocky and Trevor ran out of the bowling alley, locked up the place, and went home.

Finally, here are three encounters my brother Trevor had. The first encounter he had was when he was in PE class 2 years ago. At the time, the school's gym floor was being sanded down, so PE took place in the basement in the meeting hall. This is how the layout of the hall worked. When you enter, you'll find a kitchen. To the right, there's an open doorway leading into the hall. The hall has a few rows of tables with pillars for ceiling support throughout. When you enter through the open doorway and look to your left, there’s a miniature bar and a doorway that leads to the men’s bathroom and parking lot outside. A few meters away from the doorway is the doorway to the lady’s bathroom. Beyond the lady’s bathroom, there’s a big open space. At the open doorway you come in at, there’s a wooden door straight ahead. It goes down even further into the basement where the school’s boilers are located.

Now, onto the story. Trevor was in PE in the hall with his class. They were playing a game similar to Freeze Tag, except when you get frozen, you go into a circle till someone who hasn’t been frozen comes and unfreezes everyone in the circle. Trevor had just gotten tagged and he went to the circle. Shortly after arriving in the circle, Trevor’s best friend named Drew got tagged and he and Trevor sat in the circle together, which faced the wooden door.

When Trevor and Drew were unfrozen, they escaped the circle and made their escape past the wooden door. When they arrived at the door, they heard knocking and footsteps coming from the other side. At first, Trevor and Drew suspected it was the school’s janitors cleaning down there since the place was really dirty and wasn’t the first place the janitors ever cleaned in the school. Since the door had a bunch of small holes on it made for ventilation, Drew and Trevor decided to take a look at what was making the noises behind the door. When they looked down through the holes, Drew and Trevor didn’t see anything down there, but the lights were on. So, they suspected the janitors were a lot deeper in the basement then they originally thought. So, Trevor and Drew continued with their game like nothing ever happened.

Eventually, the gym teacher said it was time to clean up and go back upstairs since the class would be over soon. There was a hula hoop left behind by the wooden door from another class, so Trevor and Drew decided to go get it. When they arrived at the door where the hula hoop was, Trevor bent down and grabbed the hula hoop. Before leaving, he decided to get one last look through the holes of the door to see if the janitors were down there. When Trevor looked through the hole, he saw a dark figure standing at the bottom of the staircase. Trevor jumped back in surprise and told Drew to take a look at the door. Drew did so and he saw the same thing my brother Trevor saw. Creeped out, Drew picked up the hula hoop and he and Trevor high tailed it out of the hall with the rest of the class.

The second encounter took place a week after the first encounter. Trevor and Drew were having recess at the time, but they were in the boy’s bathroom on the second floor of the school doing their business. Drew had just walked out of the bathroom while Trevor was still washing his hands. As he finished up, Trevor grabbed a paper towel from the paper towel dispenser, dried his hands, and tossed it into the trash bin. Above the trash bin was a mirror, so when Trevor happened to look into the mirror after disposing of his used paper towel, he saw the same black figure he and Drew saw a week prior. The figure stood in the corner of the bathroom near the radiator with its head looking down. After 5 seconds of staring at the figure, the figure lifted its head. Trevor was in shock as he stared into the figure’s eyes. They were the blackest black eyes he had ever seen. The eyes had tiny red pupils in the center. Aside from the eyes, Trevor couldn’t make out anything else since the rest of the figure was just all black. Trevor turned around to see the figure, but when he did, there was nothing there. No traces of what Trevor had previously seen was there. Confused, Trevor looked back into the mirror. He saw the figure again, but now, it was standing right behind him. Trevor saw all the color drain from his face as he stood frozen in place in front of the mirror. Now that the figure was this close to him, Trevor could make out more details. The figure had a mouth full of sharp, gleaming white teeth and it was smiling. Trevor said it was the creepiest and scariest thing he’d ever seen. Trevor ran out of the bathroom and back to recess where Drew waited for him.

The third and final encounter took place 3 months after the second encounter. Neither Drew nor Trevor had seen a trace of the creepy figure since. This encounter took place at Drew’s house where Trevor was spending the night. It was around 1 in the morning and Drew and Trevor were playing Halo 4 on Xbox One in the living room. Drew had to go upstairs to use the bathroom and Trevor was left alone downstairs. When Drew went up the stairs, he warned Trevor about the hunchback creature that he’d seen around his house lately. Trevor was creeped out but at the same time, he felt like Drew was just messing with him. About 30 seconds later, Trevor started hearing footsteps coming from the kitchen. Trevor had a feeling that Drew might have been telling the truth about the hunchback creature. Trevor decided to go check it out and see what it was. Coincidentally, there was a flashlight on the dining room table that was approximately 5 feet away. Trevor grabbed it, turned it on, and entered the kitchen. Trevor saw what looked like the shadow of the hunchback. It looked very similar to Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. It went into the room where Drew kept his dog and a bearded dragon. Trevor followed the shadow into the room, but there was no hunchback shadow there. All that was there was the dog sleeping and the bearded dragon that had its eyes glued in Trevor's direction. At that moment, Trevor knew that the bearded dragon was either looking at him or something behind him.

Trevor turned around, but there was nothing behind him. No more than a second later, Trevor heard a pan hit the floor in the kitchen. Trevor looked into the kitchen and saw the hunchback creature looking straight at him in the kitchen. Trevor slowly started to approach the shadow, but the shadow turned into an anomaly and flew into the basement. At that moment, Trevor found Drew looking in the dining room, his mouth gaping open in shock. Trevor said, “Did you see what I saw?” Drew replied with, “Hell yeah, I did.” With that, Trevor and Drew both went back into the living and continued playing Halo 4. Trevor said every time he goes over to Drew’s house now, he and Drew are always on high alert for that hunchback creature.

Those are all the encounters my brothers and I have experienced recently. From listening from my two brother’s experiences and my own, I know that the paranormal does exist and it changed my view of the world. There are things in this world we can’t explain, and I can’t find an explanation for what my brothers and I saw. But one thing I can say is that I completely believe in the paranormal now. Be safe out there, everyone. You never know what paranormal danger awaits you till it finds you.
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Darkness Prevails
Great long story! I'm going to attempt to narrate it when I can 🙂 @Marshall
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