My name is Sierra and I used to work for McDonalds back in 2015 to 2017 and I have had plenty of run ins with angry customers to creepy older men hitting on me. If you haven't already guessed I am female, and so I got hitted on a lot but that's a different story, the one I will tell tonight is a cautionary tale of just what people are capable of under the effects of illegal substances. 

I used to work the night shift, and in fact my shifts would always change but during this particular time I was on the early morning shift, the opening shift. I started work at about 3:00 am and would get off work at roughly noon if not 1. This particular day was no different, I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring in my ears and begrudgingly started my day.

I clocked in at about 3am for my shift at the McDonalds up the street from where I lived, and I begun all the early morning prep like making the coffee and sweet tea, and cleaning and restocking from night before. I was doing all my employee duties when I heard the gate go up in the lobby, we have a gate like the ones you see at malls when they are closed and the gate keeps customers out of the lobby until we open up. I thought it odd that the gate had gone up because it should have been locked and I figured the maintenance person, a really cool guy, had left the gate unlocked so that he could clean the bathrooms and get back into our lobby with ease. We worked in a gas station McDonalds so the bathrooms were around the corner in the gas station but McDonalds owned them and therefore cleaned them. Anyways he had left the gate unlocked and I noticed a man standing on the other side of the gate inside the lobby, he was tall maybe almost 6 foot or so and lanky he had a mustache and a beard and he looked a bit disheveled, but I figured it was because it was 4 in the morning and this was the same explanation I gave myself for why he had completely ignored the fact that the gate was down in the first place and had let himself into the lobby.

I asked the man to please leave the lobby since we were not open and he could not be on the other side of the gate as this was a security concern, any normal human would have apologized and left but this man simply stayed put. He stared at me unblinking and with this sort of dead look, so I called my boss with an uneasy voice, " Hey um there is this man up here and he won't leave!" I got no reply from my boss so I reluctantly left to the back to go get her and tell her of the man but when we got to the lobby he was gone and the gate was up slightly like he had pushed it up to leave. I breathed a sigh of relief but it was short lived because my boss's girlfriend had come in telling us that the aforementioned man was trying to break into people's cars outside. We went outside to confront him which was a stupid idea but we couldn't let him damage our property so we tried to stop him. The man came back into the store with us but this time he stood by our soda dispenser and simply stared unblinking at nothing and this time i was close enough to see that he had some white powder like substance in his mustache and around his mouth it gave him a sort of rabid look. I backed up from him because i recognized that he was definitely high and i wanted to be away from him because I knew he was dangerous and unpredictable.

The man went back outside to try breaking into the gas station employee's car and the gas station employee went out to stop him and i followed suit because i couldn't leave the gas station employee without back up even if i was only 5'4" and 145 pounds i was brave when i fealt the need to protect others. I yelled for my manager to phone the police as i backed up the gas station employee, and we both managed to get the guy to leave the cars alone and go back inside. I stood keeping an eye on the man while the police came, and once they arrived we watched as the man was questioned then asked to leave.

Yep, he was not arrested just chastised like a child and sent on his way, i rolled my eyes because this man was clearly an addict and he needed help but the police are notorious for choosing when to care. We spent the next few hours on alert until the customers started showing up and all was forgotten except one thing, i will never forget that cold dead stare of the man as if he was a zombie. Remember people, drugs may look fun and they may seem like a way to numb the problems of life but you will lose yourself to them every time. Drugs are dangerous and the people who use and abuse them lose themselves and become something out of nightmares. 
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