Here is one of many stories/experience from the Danish nature.

I live close to a medium forrest around lake, there are many stories from the area over the years of people who have seen trolls, hulders, ghosts and witches and there are also some that have mysteriously disappeared, I use the area to practice for larp events and overnight in nature, which starts this experience with, I am huddled in my goblin gear with a backpack on the jumble with food, water and a tent and well off well into the woods, here I find a good place with no stones and a good distance from the lake, after some time I have set up the tent and started practicing as a goblin and time is going fast and before I know it, it was dark so I get ready to go to sleep, nose and ears and armor is taken off but I have to accept myself in having the green paint overnight, I wake up so excited by the sound of something very big moving between the trees and something that sounded like an elephant, but since in very good sense there are no elephants here I became very nervous about what it is and now it sounds like there are several all around my tent, but then it got completely quiet and I was relieved and fell asleep again, I'm not so easily intimidated.

the next morning I wake up and get out of the tent when i see there are 5 big stones about 6-7 meters high around the tent in a circle I have heard about trolls before and that they turn into stones in daylight so I decided to pack up and go home to tell about what had happened, I have since been back to look but the stones were now a new place that day today, it was this one experience out of many, i have also met a beautiful naked woman with purple eyes singing and living in the lake, a long distance witch ritual and more experiences with ghosts than i can count, thanks for to listen to my story!
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