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Hello, everyone. Hope you are all having a fine day. I experienced all of these over a long period of time, so I will make sure to write when there is a time change. This all took place in central Missouri.

This all started towards the end of spring in 2016, I believe. I was hiking in the woods one day. It was fairly quite, but I didn't think much of it. I noticed a crawfish in the creek next to me and bent down to try and pick it up. Suddenly, in the middle of the creek, there was the splash of a rock hitting the water. I jerked my head up and just stared at the water, afraid to move. I looked to the trees above, and noticed that they were still, meaning the rock hadn't fallen. I immediately thought, "Bigfoot," (I knew of the Animal Planet show and of the creature), and quickly moved from the woods.

This next experience came a few months later, in the fall. At the time, I was a boy scout, and we were camping at Beaumont Scout Range. That night, we were doing a flag retirement ceremony. For those of you who don't know, a retirement ceremony means we burn the flags in a certain fashion, and for us, it meant remaining silent for up to an hour. During this time, we began to hear the typical Missouri coyotes. There was clearly a pack to the south of our location. Then, in the middle of the calls, there was another call, much louder and deeper than the coyotes. I was shaken by it, but didn't say anything.

On another occasion a month later, we were camping at the same location. This time, it was about three in the morning. I had woken up for an unknown reason and was trying to get back to sleep when, from the hills to the east of my tent, I heard a loud scream. Who would have been screaming that early in the morning? I tried to ignore it, but it kept going, and my mind was racing. Then, from the west, something began responding to it. If I'd had a phone at the time, I would've gotten it out and began recording immediately. I eventually got back to sleep and didn't think much of it. I asked another camper about it later in the morning, but he hadn't heard anything.

A couple years passed, and it was soon the spring of 2018. I had forgotten the previous experiences, and had resumed hiking in the woods behind my house. It was always so peaceful, and on this particular day, I had been bird watching. I was walking home quietly, maybe talking to myself about something stupid, when a small, reddish-brown animal ran across the creek, back up onto the bank, and then out of sight. I didn't see it for very long, but in the short period of time I did, it reminded me of one thing: an ape.

A month later, I was a few hundred feet from where I saw this thing when, from the other side of a ridge, I heard a splashing in the creek. Something was running in the water, and I could hear it getting closer. I was expecting a massive ape to run over the ridge, and the thought of it gave me goosebumps, but nothing came. It just stopped. I waited where I was standing for what felt like days, but was only a few minutes, before hastily rushing to my home. 

I later read that some researchers believe that mother bigfoots will drop their babies off at a location for periods of time, sometimes days, while they are hunting. I believe that the areas behind my house are one of these 'nurseries', and that I may have seen a baby and maybe mock charged by a parent. Of course, I'll never know. If anyone knows anything, please let me know. I don't need confirmation that I saw a sasquatch. I just want answers. I don't know what I saw, or heard.

Edit: I’m going camping this weekend, and if I get any activity, I’ll write an update. Check back on Monday if interested.
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