General Winters
My aunt rented out a section of a woman's house for a few years in Lowell Vermont. my Father would often bring us up there over the summer to go swimming and see out cousins. Our cousins would often tell us stories of seeing shadows outside at night, foot steps, nails being ripped from the walls and panting being smashed. I didn't believe them until i had a paranormal experience at there house one time playing Hide-and-go-seek. but that's a different story.

My sister and i stayed the night one weekend near the end of summer vacation. we decided to pull an all nighter and at around midnight we all decided to play man-hunt in the woods. The person hunting had a flashlight and the rules were if he had you in the flashlight you had 5 seconds to get out or you were considered caught and had to sit in the garage until the round was over. My oldest cousin drew the short straw. the rest of us took off into the woods.

I hid behind some bushes right next to a tall ever green tree looking toward the house. I could see my cousin looking around the shorter trees about 50 feet away from me. He eventually moved on out of my line of sight. everything was quiet, almost like someone had forgotten to turn on the volume, until i heard a few foot steps to my left. I thought it was the seeker but there was no flashlight, so i figured it was another hider so i go to see who it is, i turn around the tree and see a dark figure facing away from me in what looked like the fetal position. I whisper them, but before i could get the first word out it jumped, almost like i startled it, it slowly raised itself up and turned to look at me. what ever this thing was had pure white glowing eyes, had to have been 7 feet tall and it's arms reached all the way down to the ground white it was standing. it didn't make a noise and didn't move, it just looked at me. i couldn't see it's face very well because it's eyes were so bright. after a few seconds i saw a flashlight shine into it, my cousin started counting "" before he could get to three he saw it too. it darted it's eyes onto my cousin, shushed him and then jumped into the tree and leaped from tree to tree until we couldn't see it anymore.
"what the hell" my cousin said in a hushed trembling voice
"let's just get the others and go inside" i said grabbing his arm

No one else saw the creature that night. My cousin has since denied seeing anything and my sister said I was just trying to get attention. some times i swear it followed me. I live just outside of a city, with a few patches of woods hear and there and some nights when my wife gets home her headlights hit the trees and i swear i can see the outline of the creature with it's hands covering it's eyes. I've told my wife and she's named him Canowicakte.
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