Hi, my name is kysha and i am 22 years old. I live in holland( so sorry English is not my native language) and this is my story. I always had a thing with the paranormal. Nothing really scared me from a young age. But when I hit my puberty I started to get really bad dreams. Night terrors/sleep paralysis. I always saw shadow people round my bed, staring at me or grabbing me from every side.

I couldn’t move.

And after it feels like forever I snapped out of it. This isn’t even the worst. After some time things started to calm down. No more shadow people, some nightmares but not that bad. 2 years later I saw the shadow people again. Not when I was asleep, I was wide awake. Laying in bed with my now ex boyfriend(we lived both in my moms house), I saw in the corner of my room somebody, I blinked, and it was standing beside me crotched over me. I almost shat myself. But was petrified when I saw the man with the hat.

In my old house my room was in the middle when u walked upstairs, next to my room was my moms walk in closet. I saw him there standing every night for about 8 months. He never did something. But I was so scared of him.

I know he or it was pure evil.

And I still saw some others from time to time. Finally we moved out. No more shadow people or man with the hat. New chapter but I had a ruff time, lot of stress from my new job and school, depression and I started to drink a lot and got addicted to cocain(out of control party girl) One night from drinking at my friends house(don’t drink and drive people) I drived home round 4 ish in the morning.

I was 2 blocks away from my house and I was driving 20 kilometers a hour( Dutch speed) and on the sidewalk I saw a man with a bike in his hand, he had a big hat on. First second I wasn’t thinking much of it until I saw his face, al twisted and evil. It scared me so much I speeded home and got inside quick. I knew it was the man in the hat I saw everyday in my old house. I slept with my mom that night. 

im starting to love life again and I’m getting help for my problems. I was vulnerable and that’s why he came back I think. I don’t know what he want and I don’t ever wanna see that shit again. 


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