In the 19th Century, in a small Village in Thailand, there was a happy couple named Mak and Nak, they were expecting their first child, Mak realized he couldnt witness his child's birth due to his soldier duty, he did not want to go but Nak eventually convinced him to, telling him when he's back, he can expect her and his child welcoming him home.

A couple months later, Mak returned to his wife and when he was about the enter, a man said "dont go inside, your wife is not who you think she is anymore", Mak being much bigger, easily pushed him aside and reunited with his wife and newborn child, what Mak didnt know is that his Wife and child died at childbirth.

The first couple of months were pretty normal, with no strange occurences although Mak occasionally heard his neighbors talking about him saying "i cant believe he still doesnt know" or "he's living with evil" Mak suspected the man at the door was spreading lies about his wife and knocked at his door, no one answered, he soon realized he wasnt home. 

  • back at home, Nak was cooking and when Mak told her about the man, Nak said "oh i already talked with him, he wont be bothering us again honey", an Apple fell of the kitchen table and in a deep hole in the floor, Mak noticed her grabbing it but that was not possible because the hole was extremely deep, Nak witnessed her husband looking at her in terror and said "whats wrong honey" he said "nothing", he then pretended he had to go the toilet and fled from her,

    Nak, furious, grew to a giant size and looked for him, she was constantly calling his name "Mak" "Mak" in a creepy electric-like voice, Mak was hiding behind his neighbors houses and all of them had locked their doors, Nak then spotted him hiding behind one of them and pursued him,

    Mak ran to the temple and told the monks that his wife was possessed and tried to kill him, when Nak reached the temple, an extremely powerful Exorcist performed a ritual and trapped her in a waistband, the Exorcist then threw the waistband in the canal.

    Years later an old couple new to the Village were fishing and saw the waistband floating in the canal and picked it up, they accidentally opened it and Mae Nak began terrorising the town once more until a monk named Sodhej Toh trapped it once again.

    Today the waistband is in a museam in Thailand, people offer food, valuables and other things to keep the spirit at ease, you can visit it anytime, if your brave enough.....
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Black cherry
This is the plot of a Thai movie titled Pee Mak 
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Its an urban legend too
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