Hey so it’s my first time having a story to share so sorry if it’s a little messy but I’m from a small town in Maryland. So this was the beginning of 2019 Around February,March so I’m just sitting in my 3rd period doing my work with my earphone in and as usual everyone is doing their  own Thing clowning around the next thing I know everybody just pause mind you I can’t hear nothing so I continue to do my work then next thing i know my teachers telling us get to the farther side of the room ,be quiet and duck ,I’m confused trying to figure out was going on ,come to find out we’re on lock down and there were 2 gun shots in the hallway next to the class room (we were in the 1st floor near the front door ) I was so scared I called my mom I told her I loved her and let her know what was going on ,we were on the new too it was crazy my favorite hall monitor was shot in the arm ,this all started from a joke 🙃 
P.s hopefully I make the cut I love your narrations🥰you can spice it up if you want I love you stories
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