Jes Sica
Now this story is from a couple years ago when I was living in a residential (long term) psych unit I can’t give you to much information just to keep everything confidential but anyway let me get to the story,  there were two young ladies who seemed to have made a connection which is encouraged in the psych ward because we would often get lonely well one day the older female let’s call her Ashley was struggling and had harmed herself and the younger female let’s call her Emma had gone into Ashley’s room to comfort her now this isn’t normally aloud but these girls never were to out of control so I felt comfortable just listening in the door way... I listened for a while as Ashley calmed down and stopped crying and was finally able to settle down in bed so I call Emma out to send her to bed as well when she leaves the room I pull her aside to thank her but she just looked at me her eyes were cold and somewhat empty and simply said “I got it” smirked and walked off this sent chills down my spine.  The number of people self harming then spiked and we couldn’t find out why after this  particular episode made the girls all start to loose control,  I latter caught Emma with another young girl CUTTING the other child’s arms open (she always used to say she could kill a person and not feel bad... well now I believe her) yes that’s right this cold eyed smirking 12 year old child was cutting up the other patient because  (in her words) “they were to chicken shit and didn’t know how to kill themselves properly” needless to say I quit after just 3 months in that job and when people ask why I left I simply say because I Stared right into the eyes of pure evil, I am waiting for the day that I see her on the news and I know that day is coming 
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