This takes place when I was only 5 years old so about 19 years ago. My family and I lived far in the country , my bus stop was 4 miles from my home. Late one night in the middle of Summer my father told my brother and I ,my brother being four years older than me, that we need to go walk the water line before it got dark because for some reason we had no water. Now it normal in the summer to lose water due to animals chewing the line to get the water or a salamander or frog got stuck in the line .

So after my brother got done complaining  about how he didn't want to walk a few miles before dark when he could just do it In the morning we head up the mountain.

Now being 5 years old u wouldn't think I would remember much but this night still haunt's me to this day, as we walked the water line checking to see why we didn't have water we come across the water line popped apart, of course our crazy neighbor had to have done it or so we thought as we started to try to push line back together we started noticing little noises around us my brother not really caring and just wanted to get the job done try to ignore it but me on the other hand was keeping an ear out. Than I hear my name called from the darkness in a voice I didn't know.

I fall to the ground my braver older brother had knocked me over in his attempt to get away from The voice almost knocking me out in the process as I look up to see my brother running and him taking the only source of light farther and farther away as he disappeared into the darkness of the wood . I got up scared and alone  I heard something move behind me and " come here little one " I heard in a voice that you can just barely tell wasn't human and on autopilot my legs started running I didn't even stop to look back as I heard it calling me and calling me beckoning me.

I ran over 5 miles but as I left the wood something grabbed me and picked me up " I got you " I heard in say in the creepyest most prideful voice than BOOM I covered my ears as I was throw to the ground. I woke up in my family's living  in my mother's arms and my father yelling at my brother.

From what my father told me he came out to find me when I didnt return with my brother and as he walked towards the deep woods he saw me running for my life and something grabbing me by the head and lifting me up in it's long thin pale arms with out thinking twice my father shot it with his 20 gauge center mass. The thing threw me down and retreated in the woods. Before my father picked me up he said he heard it say "next time little one"
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