By Goku4life

Hi, my name is Stefan, I'm almost six foot and I'm almost fourteen. Me and my best friend Brett live in a real ratchet community and me and him are tuff kids. Where we live they most uncommon things are common, but this run-in scares us both and maybe Brett more.

Me and Brett have a real rowdy type of humor that may ruffle others. Now Brett is much more tuff than me but shorter like I mean a lot. One day Brett and I were playing basketball at a very dark 5:00 PM when our friends said they wanted to play Brett asked if we could go get another ball from his house close by the court, I agreed as we went on our way.

This path is the way he get's to school as I know because I often go with him, but that's when it's day this was pure dark. As we went on we started hearing a noise like a dog bark, but wheezy. Brett sucker-punched me saying that it was his fat grandma and we laughed.

As we went on that joked faded to fear as some leaves behind us. My head whips back naturally and I see a dog's legs but the moonlight only let me see two, little did I know that was not the moon's fault. I bumped Brett on the shoulder and he groaned, "we're almost there."

We made it to the house and I just realized what I did wrong. My mom was picking me up and I'm not allowed to go to Brett's house. I told Brett and he told me we could take an A.T.V. back so we grabbed a the ball and got in the vehicle it luckily had a roof it was pretty nice.

I thought of the weird animal but brushed it off because we weren't on foot this time. We took of down the trail hitting tree branches and being underage drivers. As we were almost there the vehicle stopped. Brett the driver said there is something blocking the way.

Of course due to our "humor" I was the one moving it. This thing was grey and the headlights made it look furry, it looked heavy so I grabbed a crowbar from the trailer bed and strut forwards the thing thinking it was a rock. I slid the crowbar under the thing and it growled like an angry dog.

It uncurled into a dog then stood up with grey ragged fur and hellish red eyes with a yellow pupil. It opened a large sharp mouth and as it did that a roar ripped through the sound of the A.T.V.'s engine. I dropped the F' bomb and hit it with the crowbar. The creature got madder and as that happened I ran and Jumped in to the A.T.V.

Brett hit the accelerator and rammed the thing as it ran on two big dog legs then switch to four as it hit the brush and my and Brett were white as we got to the court. We got out of the A.T.V. and sat in the court and told our friends who were all wanting to leave. Brett was white as flour and told me to walk to school with him the next day.


me and Brent have been scared to go on the trail in the back of the old football field and basketball court. Obviously telling our best friends about our encounter, but our friend Nick wanted to go back there at night.

After school me, Brett, and Nick start on the trek and are already getting chills as the night sweeps in. Nick with the same humor as Me and Brett wanted to go off the trail but me and Brett refused, sadly we didn't follow through. That's the mistake that we still regret.

The night was still and the Super Moon peeking through the night sky made me shiver. Right now typing this, I'm shivering think of this beast. The dog-man got our presence because howls often ripped through the woods as we sped up. Rustling noises were apparent as well.

Nick dropped f-bombs left and right as he cried like the fool who got us lost. The monster came in front of us as we had flashlight on it. It was as frightening of a thing as I remember. I swear color was drained at this sight as it and it's nasty grey fur and the face that was like wolf's head snarled.

Brett smashed his heavy flashlight into the creature's mouth making it fall back as we ran past it at full speed. The foolish choice to look back at the hell in our lives chasing me and my friends as we bolted into the football field haunt all of us. The dog-man foaming from the mouth on all fours with it's ears pointed and eyes illuminating.

When we piled into the basketball court with some other kids who were as shocked as Scooby-Doo when there's a ghost. The dog-man turned to the woods at the moment he reached the court and zipped into the woods. The kids all knew our story and all were fist-bumping us and laughing. But me, Brett, and Nick were all done for the night.
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