I once lived in a tiny unfinished house at the edge of the woods in Northern Virginia. One night at about 2am I was sleeping and heard my door knob move as if some one was trying to enter. I climbed down the ladder from my loft bed and approached the door. As I reached for the door knob it began to move again. My better judgement told me to back away and just remain quiet as I thought it was someone up to no good. All my shades were down and the door was securely locked.

Soon after, I heard what sounded like a stick or branch drag around 3 sides of the unfinished house that was covered in thick plywood. I started to get a very uneasy feeling as chills ran through my entire body and my Adrenalin surged. As the sound got to the opposite side of the house that the door was on, it suddenly stopped. I then heard what sounded like a person walking across the fourteen foot high roof from one end of the peak to the other.

There was a small window up high under the roof on one end which sounded like where the footsteps were headed. I was getting scared that I would see a face of an alien or a maniac or something which with much relief I saw nothing . At this point I was considering grabbing my pistol and unloading the magazine through the ceiling under where the footsteps stopped but then thought about the damage and repairs for my life wasn’t in immediate danger.

It would have been impossible for someone to walk on that roof because of the extreme pitch and the slippery sheet metal covering it. I didn’t hear it advance and all sounds from it stopped. To this day I will never know what was out there that night but I always keep wondering, what the hell was out there that night?
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