Ok I’m new to this site but I feel I must convey this to someone.

One day during my junior year in high school, my friends and I decided we were gonna spend a night in my dad’s old cabin. I remember when he would say “listen here son it’s not safe there, evil things live there” I thought he was fucking with me (I could never be more wrong)

The cabin was I big one room building with a fireplace, and a loft big enough for all of us, there was three of us me, my boyfriend (who we’ll call Andy) and my friend ( who we’ll call Brenda) when we got there we started joking about how a hockey masked maniac was gonna kill us. There was a lake just a few yards from the cabin as soon as night fell we started drinking a bit my bf and I even kissed a bit. Then we heard it, it wasn’t a roar, it wasn’t a growl, it was like a pig screaming in pain. We opened up the door and looked into the darkness and there we saw it, a gaunt, grayish-pink figure standing at the edge of the circle of light shone by the lamp on the porch.

I quickly ran back inside and grabbed the rifle from the mantle, when I got back my friends were intransed by this thing it stood unnaturally still as I shot at it, as if it knew no harm would come to it (it was right) the gunshots rang through the night as the bullets phased through it and hit the car behind it, my friends snapped out of the hypnotic state as they ran inside.

We heard those sounds all night and heavy footsteps around the cabin, that morning we went back home and I told my dad who smirked and laughed saying “I told you not to go to the lakeside cabin”
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