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This is all in one day. And yes really did happen. How do I know? I lived it and was nothing I can do to change but tell my life story's and experiences of horror.

 Going to and coming home from school everyday my siblings and I would walk,k usually by the boardwalk by summer and winter we'd cut across the lake. We didn't live very far from town of my hometown and the All the faculties apartment complex or houses, duplex next to the school itself. And one of the first expansion area of houses near as well on the reserve.  The area we  lived at  also was a expansion consisting of five houses total and a little church at the time when I was a kid.  But abnormally about that area and houses  was huge at the time we lived there and as a child you're tuned to the abnormal and other mysteriously perhaps some over active imagery mind at times yes. But when others have things happen to them too.  On that note..


One winter morning heading to school. Me and my older brother, sister and cousin  were walking out of the house when my brother seen me with a look-a-like or genuine Good Guy Doll(G.G.D)  can't recall. Trying to take for  show and tell, he said "Mom's not gonna let you take your G.G.D  to school" but I kept walking out and arguing with them about it , heading down the lake from our grandma's. We were neighbour with my dad's mom (grandma)at the time and she looked out the window as usual and seen me. Confused and wanted to confirm she called my mom and said " Is he allowed to take his doll that One that looks like the doll on the movie "? In our Language.  My mom said " No he isn't I told him no. Tell him I said no and someone gonna take it from him."

So she opened her window and yells out " your mom said you're not allowed to take your G.G.D to school for show and tell.  You might lose it or because older kids will take your toy and leave Your doll below One of the two pine trees.  that was in her back yard and into doing so, we continued  walking to school.


Later on I found out what had happened to my G.G.D, apparently my grandma said she was going to get the doll later on in the morning, thinking not going anywhere.  She was going to the kitchen and at her corner she she seen a somebody running by. Scared a dog was gonna rip apart my toy she looked out the window only to see that it was gone and there was a big brush Shrub with a trail inside that had a entrance on three sides ours and her yard also straight toward the road. The entrance from her yard she seen a little kid with the same pattern and shoes crawling inside there. Spooked by the little doll missing and what might be it crawling in the bush. She called my mom and asked if she came to pick up her son's toy. Said she hasn't left the house and no body came over to the house.  So she told her what she saw and that the doll was seen crawling into the brush trail and to lock the doors. So they did and before lunch they went out to look for the G.G.D, found little shoe prints leading into there and they went in there coming back out empty handed and clueless prints lead to the end and was gone pretty surprised no tracks but ours my mom and grandma's no dog tracks. Puzzled and One of them suggested maybe I wasn't lying or active mind of imagination that exaggerated.  Knowing I'm gonna be looking and if not found be furious. 


So at lunch I did just that. And had lunch at my grandma place, she asked if questions about it. 

If it moved talked or  made me do things I normally wouldn't.  I denied and did what a child would do keep my mouth shut and continued  being mad. Until school and after school I went out to look for my friend.. Back inside my brother tells our mom about a creepy experience he had about me and that doll. He said and I quote " Mom I have to tell what happened upstairs in our room before

I was going to scare (me) standing along the wall near our door. I'm listening to him talk to his toy, thinking i  was going to either pretend I'd heard it  or I  was gonna speak for the doll. Shortly he almost did jump out until he heard what appeared to be speaking to me when I was alone playing. 

The sound of the voice was of a man but aggressively almost evil like. 


He listened some more gripping the wall trying to see who was in there with me. Only me and the Good Guy Doll.  Goes back to his position  and heard me and g.g.D  

Me: no I don't want to do that I'm gonna get into trouble.



 That was when jumped out and immediately began to bombard me with questions. Whose that ? Where did they go? Was that you ? How did you and how do you know those swears? Is that the doll that spoke ? What is it trying to get you to do? 

I walked away from him and said leave me I'm alone and  I don't know what your talking about. Quote unQuote.

My mom continued to look out the window at me. Told my brother not to worry and that was prolly me. He's convinced that wasn't me  the way the voice description sounded like a little boy couldn't sound that way.  Told him to get me and wash up for supper  after supper me and my little sister went up stairs to play and we hear the front door open and close my mom and sister and brother had left the house.  So it was me and her out dad and his cousin in the house we found out later on. 


As the night went on we moved rooms playing, I'm playing with g.I joes  she with her toys until she wanted to play with me. So we set up a barricade with a blanket along the floor between the closet door.  As we played we would hear noises from the rooms and closet. Mainly 're closet we were playing at. Little whispers turning louder" Hey...... hey...... Hey you come here. We ignored it for awhile then it became clear wasn't gonna stop. So we talked amongst ourselves. Didn't everybody leave ? Brother sister mother cousins ? Her response was I think so yeah...seen them leave right..?

And heard in the closet yeah it's me in here come I wanna show you something.. I found something cool.   We asked who are you?  We said our brother name sister' cousins names..then back to our brother name.  Spoke back saying yes it's me. Now come in here I want to show you something.  We stood at the doorway of the closet. We whispered to each other"  they did leave nobody's here; then whose that in the closet talking to us"? So we agreed to go down stairs. I said oh I'm sorry but our dad wants us downstairs. Well play again after, heading for the door. It closed shut and that voice got louder and angry I am you're dad and I say get in here now. We still didn't get in. Now in a raspy angry poltergeist voice. " GET IN THE EFFEN  CLOSET BEFORE I EFFEN HURT YOU AND YOU'RE FAMILY. NOW!!! GET IN HERE I'M NOT ASKING ANYMORE!!.. oh sorry I lose my patience I'm a friend. We slowly were already moving when the threats and sworing begun.  Scared we asked if that was them playing a joke. Already inside the closet and my sister w as in we walked in...suddenly the door closed behind us I asked why did you close it!? She said I didn't  it slammed shut. That's what I'm afraid of. No go on the door releasing we see at the end of the closet a little bit of light we walk toward it.... At the end was a dresser and a tall standing mirror. Spooked by the mirror we laughed thinking there was a ghost. 


That's when things took the worst...


From the mirror we seen a smokey white poltergeist ghost looked horrible and demonic scared us "I GOT YOU NOW, HAHA HAHA YOUR COMING WITH ME AND NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU!!"  this Smokey apparition gotten bigger and scarier. Me and my little sister back into the wall near the door. Screaming for our lives....strange thing was my dad barely heard us thought we were playing around.  Meanwhile my sister is behind me I tucked her in the corner behind me. Telling her not to look and if I die or get possessed and disappear I'm sorry I couldn't protect us. 

She grabs the doorknob turning, pulling banging on it as did I do the same  now you two will go with me and you'll never be found. Never heard such evil laughter  big as the ceiling and wide as the walls. Big hands coming toward us slowly. We were crying bawling our eyes out already. Then the strangest thing happened, the door clicked and we pulled in the door releasing us from that horrible situation. We prayed a bit I believe before getting out. As the door opened I pulled and pushed my sister out of the closet. She didn't let go of me no matter what or what was being said. She knew I'd give my life to save her. But she wanted us both saved so we rocketed out of that room and down the stairs and into my dad and his cousin arms we didn't let go of speak. Unti! My father asked if I was fighting or teasing. But we said no there's someone up here in the closet as scary and mean he tried to harm us. So they went we went with them. Perplexed and mad he punished me and her for making up a story. We said it's true. Me and my sister had bruises on our body from that encounter.

I remind her or she reminds me at times.  The bird House was supernatural  abnormalities hotspot. To this day thou since the  remodelling inside and the quicksand hole in the ground has closed nothing that bad has happened.  Maybe the way it was designed ? And the mass buried bodies also was apart.  You see this town didn't need a proper graveyard for the people that moved along the rivers and buried the dead where the dead died. 

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