Ok So a few months Ago me and a Lot of close friends from my local card Shop including my team and me went down to new jersey for a big Regional event for a card game called vanguard we enjoy while we were in New jersey we stop at the beach got the motel your basic version of a vacation  I'll skip the fun stuff and get to the point On our way home me and my friend Brandon noticed we didn't have the money for tolls and his car wasn't in shape for the highway. so we decided to take the backroads back to Pennsylvania   On our way back. me and my buddies in the back seat were talking about how creepy shit is such as the road names like hollow horn road and how there were beans can on side of road but no houses for miles..we started talking about how hobos must live out here. my friend laughed and said no way cults do dark magic out here man, Or clowns another said. we laughed as we knew that event was mostly over . a little my dumb self had the idea a little past Hollow horn road to yell out the window ..All demonic occultic things and hobo and clowns come say HI! not even 5 min down the road i turn to talk to my friend lets say anthony and then i notice it on the side of the road a figure bed over big as a horse with horns bent over eating something i turn away fast..there been deer on this road but deer don't said on 2 legs and none of them are taller than the car.. i turn back to anthony yo dude did u see that out your window. he laughed and say yo bro stop player now i'm tired.  i was as well but i was aware what i say didn't match anything i could think of i'm a very rational person i try and put all things together before making any conclusion. i'm positive i saw some demon later on down the road brandon and me hear screeching coming from behind us there no cars or animals in view anywhere and all i hear is High Pitch sound of howling and Screeching it stops as we get down the road and come into view of a couple houses and towns it fades away.  all my friends heard it but didn't know what to make of it.  latter down the road we saw a deer and it just stop and stood in front of our car and stared at us..the stupidity of this deer took our mind off of what happened and we relaxed as the town came to view but later on i looked up stuff as i am big fan of Horror videos i think it Was the jersey devil if not it was a skin walker being new jersey and Pennsylvania  in the woods out in the middle of the border it must of been no mistake i definitely saw the Jersey devil it an honor as well as a horror sight i can never forget.
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