You don't have to believe me but this is a true story.
My name is Josh.I lived in rocky mountain house in Canada in a small mobile home,you know one of those trailer park houses that are complete garbage.
Anyway on may 8th 2018,I was walking to the store to get some pepperoni,when I saw a new sign on a small building that had been out of buisness for years.
The sign said "Jacks coffee shop,open for buisness".
since we were a small town I thought this was pretty cool and started walking toward the small new shop.

I walked into the small shed sized shop and it was...completely empty.

I was suprised because of the new age open sign,glowed,iluminating the words "open".
I just dismissed it and started walking to the door when I heard a Demonic voice say,
"Don't you fucking leave"
Needless to say,I did the fuck that shit I'm out and bolted.

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