I was out camping in the north part of Montana with a 4 friends and my Great Uncle who actually lived in the United States. My friends and I had flown from Toronto to Austin where my Great Uncle picked us up then we started our long drive to Montana. It took at least 25 to 24 hours. We then took at least 8 more hours to get to our chosen site. It was off a road at the bottom of the east side of Old Baldy, at least i think that is the name of the mountain. We have all been to Montana before so we knew what wildlife to expect plus we are all country kids so we easily recognize animal calls and noises. Just to be safe we all had a 1911 in our tents with my great uncle having a A400 Beretta Semi-Auto shotgun for anything or anybody that needed more convincing to leave. It was now around 10pm and we were all finally finished setting up. My great uncle being the person he is he decided to tell us some spooky stories to try and scare us. We were all sure that he was simply making this up so we really didn't care. around 1am we decided to get some sleep. there were three tents two for me and my friends and one for my great uncle. The early morning was fairly cold and we were forced to wear sweaters and our wool socks to bed. around 2:30am I was woken up by my radio going off. It was my friend who I'll call Dave, he said that he had heard strange sounds from the tree line. The tree line was only 25 yards to the west of us but and he was in the tent closest to it. I decided to grab the 1911 in my tent and my flashlight, I opened the tent and slowly peeked at the tree line with my light and saw nothing. I then checked around the camp and still nothing. i closed the tent and decided that it was either a deer or a squirrel. I told Dave that it was nothing dangerous when suddenly a clear and distinctive low rumble coming from the tree line, I honestly still don't have a sound to compare it to so that's all I can describe it as. This woke up John and Kyle (not real names) but my great uncle was still asleep. I opened my tent and then me and Kyle exited our tent, we then proceeded to shine light towards the tree line while i held the gun up facing where the sound came from. Kyle radioed John and Dave to come out and head to us and make sure to face the trees with the gun. We were just about the wake my great uncle when suddenly a whimper like scream was heard, one loud enough to wake my great uncle who woke to us all shaking and facing where the sound had come from. He grabbed his gun and came out of his tent to look with us. We had been staring at a pair of glowing Amber eyes, however these eyes were 6ft off the ground and attached to this wolf like body covered in pitch black fur, it's large and sharp teeth were clearly on display as what most would call a threat display. John took a shot which triggered me in reaction to take a shot as well this managed to scare it off. After that we all got into my great uncles SUV until sunrise. We then packed up and then decided to head to Yellowstone instead as to not waste all that time we had taken to just get to Montana. The last I ever saw of that creature was when we had exited off a dirt road and then it vanished from there on out for me.                
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