I live in Oregon, and I love road-trips but after this experience I will never go on a road-trip again. The year is 2014 and I am hanging out with two of my friends. Connor and Brian. It's early December so we were all dressed very warm, now before I start this story the place where I live there's a lot of deer, foxes and other animals that roam around. Nothing that was about to happen to me and my friends was created by a small animal. Now I’m 15 and they say that teenagers aren't afraid of death, but I sure as hell am. When we all got in the car with my parents who had to drive us at the time, we were all pretty tired considering that it was 2 o’clock and it was still pitch black outside and we had a long drive ahead of us. So we all were in the back of the car trying to get some sleep.

We were about 30 miles from the hotel we were going to stay in for the night and we were in a 2018 BMW X6 so the car has automatic braking and cruise control. Now this becomes annoying when you don't want to stop and your car just stops. We were 5 miles from our hotel and all of a sudden the car stops like it senses something, and it turned out to be a squirrel that wandered across the road, an eerily road which wasn't a good sign.

As we approach a very small hotel, it seems as though nobody is there in the hotel. It was about 11 PM and we were all getting ready, well at least my mom and dad were. See we were in separate rooms, so my mom didn't really care if we stayed up late. We just had to be up and ready for the long ride we still had ahead of us. Connor decided to go to bed so that left me and Brian to find something to do, so we decided to go have a late night swim.

As we head out to get into the pool, I don't feel it at first but i have the feeling we were not alone. I looked down at the pool and there was a creature that looked like something from my nightmares. Now listen I didn't believe in horror creatures, I sure as hell did now. I looked at Brian
“Do you see that” I whispered in a barely audible voice.
“See wha--” Brian said before he got cut off by the most earaching screech ever.

When I looked over at the creature it was looking directly at me, with it's orange eyes. I didn't see Brian when I was frantically looking for him. I looked back towards the creature and it was still staring me down. I looked behind me and Brian was actually behind me the whole time! What a baby. I looked back in the general direction of where the creature used to be and i say used to be because it wasn't by the pool anymore, it wasn't anywhere. It was gone as fast as it came. We returned to our side of the complex and decided soon after to go over and tell my parents about what me and Brian experienced. We were at the door when we heard the most terrifying scream ever. Brian and I ran back to our side and in our living area there it was the creature, just standing there frozen like a statue. That's when I realized that it was holding something, someone! For a split second I thought it was Connor, but I soon realized that it wasn't. It looked like my dad, oh my god it killed my freaking dad. I was thinking of charging the creature, but I held back. Brian’s mouth looked like a drawbridge, wide open. Then Brian just ran out. Then the creature just dropped the body and scurried out, and i never saw it again. I still mourn the death of my dad. I hope me in the future never see it, especially my kids...all i can say is always watch you back.
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