I was 10 at the time and had been kicked outside because I was to hyper.

I was playing on a pile of rocks when I got bord and ran down the pile because at the time it was fun, I went the way to the back of the barn. And Sat on a wood plank looking at the windmills from a far there shadows coasting over the forest when I heard. It the thing we call skinwalker it screamed like my sister who was on a trip to the America.

I went up to the now open barn door and was frozen to teĺl if I could hear it again and I did "hayden can you help me down" in a voice that sounds like my sister but distorted  I backed up and it said "where are you going hayden won't you help me" I continued to back up and as I am I see eyes yellow eyes and a deer leg and I backed up faster and faster and faster and I was running at the point that I saw claw like hand I ran to the door and banged on it my mom opened it and said what's wrong because I was crying I said "I-I-I" and before I could say what was wrong.

I  was hard crying and didn't go to sleep that night and I went back In the barn but the skinwalker was gone but not with out one of our cats the cat was dead behind a pile of leafs I'm not going to tell you what it looked like because it's a dead animal

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