I live in a small town in New York called the town of Florida. There;s not much to do around here and definitely not a lot of people. Just so you can get an idea of how small my town is, we don't even have a movie theater in the area. I have grown up here most of my life and feel pretty comfortable walking around alone at anytime of day for the fact that nothing scary has ever happened.

Yeah well that mindset of mine changed very quickly. It was my first summer at the new house my family and I had just moved in to and are currently still in. The house is a tall brick and wood house that rests on top of a hill at the edge of the woods. In the back of the house we have a large back yard surrounded by the thick forest that covered the sides of the house as well. Me and my brother always played in the back because of all the cool things we would find while exploring. Once we even found an old hippy camp far back in the woods.

One day me and my brother had gone out to play a little later then usual. We went out when the sun was starting to fall down behind the trees and the night was creeping around the corner.  But we didn't mind it. We ran out and grabbed the longest sticks we could find and began having a fake sword fight because before we had went out we were watching the first pirates of the Caribbean movie. Watching the movie, was the reason why we had gone out so late. Anyway, as we we were playing I had gotten a strange feeling, like something was watching me.

The feeling was so intense it felt like someone or somethings gaze was so strong it was piercing right through me. The feeling was so strong it had caused me to pause and look around,. Me stopping had resulted into my brother hitting me in the shoulder with his stick by accident. I winced in pain while grabbing my shoulder and he quickly dropped his stick and apologized. I told him it was fine but to be quiet and listen. At this point I was on edge and trying my best to hear or see something. Minutes past by and I heard it, it was something sniffing in the woods behind us. I quickly turned around and began scanning the still tree line until my gaze landed on a small clearing that exposed movement of something behind it.

It almost looked like an animal of some sort sniffing in the air.When it noticed me and my brother facing it, the creature stopped and stared at us. I froze in fear and confusion while slowly pushing my brother behind me, I couldn't see its body ,but I could see its face. It looked like a wolf but there was something scarier about it. It was a light brown with glowing green eyes, its ears were pointy and tall and its teeth were so long they hung out of its mouth like daggers. The animal wasn't snarling,  just staring. When it made eye contact with me I had a strange feeling of clarity and peace. I still don't understand why but I got the strange urge to go to the creature, it was almost like a compelling feeling I still can't explain it.

I began to slowly put one foot in front of the other towards this thing. My brother shouted and yanked me back towards him. I quickly snapped out of the trance like state I was in. I grabbed my brother and ran into the house locking all the doors behind me. Despite that I felt safe I still acted as though I was in danger. Later that night I had gotten ready for bed and laid down. As I was laying down I felt an overpowering urge to look out my window. I stood up and walked over to my window, lifting the curtains. When I got a clear view of the yard I saw it. Standing in the center of my yard was the creature from earlier. I stared at the creature and it stared back.

I felt nothing but peace from seeing the creature again, somehow seeing all of it made me feel better. The creature had the body of a body- builder but more defined. The creature stood on two legs and had long arms with long claws at the end. Its fur was long and smooth but shaggy around the head and neck almost like a main. The only thing familiar were its glowing green eyes. The eye contact from this beast was compelling and made me want to go to it again. I quickly got out of it and shut the curtains and went to bed. That was three years ago and I haven't seen it since. During the winter I find large wolf tracks coming into the yard but always stopping in the same spot I last saw it.

I cant help but to think it watches over me. I have no fear of it and so far I've felt peace and safety when it's around. I occasionally find small dead animals left in the spot of the yard I always go to read. Its mostly squirrels and rabbits. I don't have any animals that would do this and I doubt a wild animal would do it either. If I don't remove the small animal it will stay there until I do. I have only seen a coyote once a few feet back in the woods from my house and it was dead, the poor thing had its throat ripped out. My guess is the creature I saw didn't want it near where I was. I still hope to see it again and maybe next time I'll go up to it. I plan on keeping everyone updated on my next dog-man encounters
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It sounds like the Wolf creature likes you and is protecting you. Almost like Twilight
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@AmmeJeanRomeo Thanks! It is quite helpful whenever possible. But it is the holiday season - I'm definitely off my game because of it.
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