It was a cold and snowy night in the outskirts of the small town of Taos New Mexico. I was laying in my bed with my dog getting ready to go to sleep. It was around 12 am when I finally turn off my T.V. and put my cell phone down. You could feel the wind in the garage my dad and I converted into my room. (which is separate from the rest of the house) Bundled up under my blankets I fall asleep. 

I awake to the sound of someone at my door trying to open it. Knowing that I locked the dead bolt on it I look for my phone to use as light and get up. I grab my phone and before I can turn it on, I hear my door opening. I should add that the door is too the foot of my bed and I am facing away from it.

So when the door opened I could not see who was there until they spoke. I lay there thinking that I must have dreamt the door opening because I didn’t hear anyone come in. Then from the foot of my bed I hear it. “Hey brother your door was locked, hahaha but its ok I am in now.”  It was the voice of my little brother. Who at the time of this event was 13 and I was 27. I do not move trying to think how he got in my room without the keys, why is he even awake. “If someone were there my dog (lotus) would wage his tai. I tell myself.

I few seconds pass and I feel the wage of lotus tail start to wage. “Look at me brother….” The voice says again. I still do not move or say anything. Doing my best to act like I’m asleep. All I can do is lay there questioning what this thing is standing at my feet pretending to be my brother. It gets quiet again. “No...I must have been still dreaming… what a nightmare.” I tell myself. 

I feel a slump in my bed on both sides of my feet. I reach down to the ground and grab my shotgun. “I can’t shoot it what if it is m y brother… but why is he here.”  The thoughts race through my mind.  “I know you’re not sleeping brother, why wont you look as me.?” The voice sounding a little deeper than my brother this time. “Fine, be that way.” The voice says as it heads to the door opening it once more but without closing it all the way. I feel lotus slowly stop wagging his tail and sit up. Im to scared to move.

Finally after what felt like an hour of laying there I fine the remote turn on my tv and an wait to see if I hear anything other then the T.V.

I sit up in my bed trying to justify it as sleep paralysis, because I have had that before. I stand up and do a sweep of my door and nothing seems off, except the door is open. I walk over to it and open it its still snowing but not hard. There are wet foot prints leading up to my be but not leaving and the snow outside my door is undisturbed. I again shut my door relock the dead bolt and stay up the rest of the night. Tv on and gun in hand.

by Michael Cabral

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