I don’t remember much of my childhood. Although i do remember moving around a lot. We usually moved through neighborhoods every couple of years due to my fathers job. But there was this one house i remember distinctly. I was around the age of 11 when we had moved into a duplex on a quiet street. The first night at the new house wasn’t all that comfy. Our furniture and bed frames were yet to be delivered. I remember driving into the back garage the first day.

The yard was filled with soil that was intertwined in trash. The weeds grew along this one old tree. The skinny branches stretched out to the house. And the porch that we would soon walk on was worn down and the paint chipped away. The house itself inside wasn’t all that bad. It was small.

But since it was only my parents and brother alongside me. It was great for us.

As i walked around the house the floorboards creaked. I glanced through the empty rooms. As i came to the end of the living room. I noticed a long flight of stairs which led to the upstairs i assumed.

I stood at the bottom staring up at the weak light bulb towards the top. Later that night I came to find out my room would be the first door at the top of the stairway. My parents had set up my mattress on the ground with a blanket and some pillows. My four year old brother had also shared the room with me. He’s things had not yet arrived. I remember getting ready for bed that night. My parents were settling in down the hall and my brother was on the ground playing with toys.

After some time.

My mother had came into the room and tucked us in. She kissed us both on the head and told us to go to bed. My brother had been laying on the top of the mattress closet to the door. And i had been laying down towards his feet nearest to the wall. It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

But it didn’t last long.

Throughout the night i kept falling in and out of sleep. Each time sitting up with blurred vision, only to fall back into my pillow within the next few seconds. Throughout each time my brother had remained asleep. I remember waking up once more. I had sat up in my bed. one arm supported me while my other hand had rubbed my eye. my vision was once again blurred. I looked over to the doorway. And immediately froze.

A cold shiver shifted through my whole body.

As my vision cleared, the outline of a man appeared in the doorway. I rubbed my eyes once more to be sure i wasn’t imagining this. But as i looked over again. Nothing had changed. It was a man. His hands were in his pockets. He seemed almost casual. But as my eyes traveled upwards his long body, i soon became frightened at the sight of his face. The figure had been wearing some sort of wool bag over his head.

There were dark holes in place of his eyes. He was wearing a long grin, which had been sown into the mask. As the blood dripped down his smile. I realized he had not been looking at me.

But was staring at my sleeping brother.

As all this was happening, my body remained still. i tried to scream and yell for my parents, but no sound came out. I considered running but it was standing in the doorway. It felt like hours before i finally moved. Soon i turned over to face the wall slowly. I stared at the blank wall as my body was shaking all over. Tears drizzled to the side of my face and met my ear. Somehow i managed to fall asleep that night. And when i woke up. everything seemed normal.

I was startled and kept my distance from my room. i spent most of the next day quiet. my parents soon realized something had been wrong. I told them about what i had seen the night previous.

They were concerned. As any parent would be hearing this form their child. I remember fearing that room. it had been weeks since i had finally slept in it again. To this day I still cannot explain what happened all those years ago. A part of me used to believe i had dreamt it. Until about a year ago. I had been going through some old photos.

There were some from the duplex where this had happened. one of the photos was of me. I had been in my moms room.

I was smiling and it seemed like a normal photo at first glance. But I remember a friend pointing something out. In the back of the photo. My old room above the stairs is seen down the hall. And in the doorway. Was a black figure, of a man.
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Sounds like Sam from Trick r' Treat. Although Sam is a child size. But good story.
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