im just going to jump right into this story, we had moved in with my grandpa after my grandma's death in order to keep an eye on him, weird things had started happening since day 1, 
a belt had flown out of a tightly packed van, an electronic fish did not stop singing for 2 hours even with the batteries taken out,

and last, there was always a feeling of someone watching you whenever you entered the bathroom area, 

granted i hadn't seen or heard these things happening, but my parents did and their not the type of people to make up scary stories just to mess with people.

The only type of stories they tell are the ones that end in bad punch lines.

But there were 2 events from that house that will always stick with me for the rest of my life.

the first one could possibly be explained away by just bad timing, thin walls, and a loud tv, i was on that old chat site nickelodeon had which i wasn't supposed to be on.

When i heard a voice stage whisper "Hey" like i was doing something wrong, which i afterwards, i went and asked my mom if she had called hey at me, or if someone had said hey on the show she was watching, and it was a no to both,

Although it took me a minute to get over there so she may not have known that i was asking about a minute earlier.

The second event was this,
i was in my bed asleep when a large flashing blue light crossed my window,  it much brighter then any manmade light could of been,  when seeing it i suddenly had a strong urge not to move like if i did, something bad would happen, while another part of me wanted to know what it was. the fear won out though and I stayed underneath my covers.
I know what your thinking probably either sleep paralysis combined with seeing a helicopter, and i would have agreed with you.

Except my mother had seen it as well, although she had said it was purple, 
now im no expert on the subject, 

but im sure that nobody can see the same hallucination at the same time,
my dad and grandpa were lucky though they never saw it.

Now i have no idea if this was a ghost or a UFO,  but whatever it was i never want to see it again.
Chiara isabella.
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Most likely a UFO. I have seen something similar and I froze to. P.s. i do not have sleep paralysis and i completely froze.
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@firestarter3d - Please edit this for paragraphs and punctuation. Its hard to read like and the site rules are clearly listed on the main page of this site. Thanks!
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Hey, sorry for how the original post was written,  ive spaced it and tried my best to fix the punctuation, ive always had trouble with that, if it still needs fixed i will run it through grammarly this afternoon to fix it. 
Chiara isabella.
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Your still missing capital letters. But it looks much better. Thanks for your prompt editing!
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