Before starting, I just want to say thank you to the couple of people who liked and commented on the first part to this story. It means a lot (:

And also, I accidentally said in the last story that you take a left from my house to get to the spot I'm talking about, but I actually meant right. I don't think it makes a big difference but I just thought' I'd mention it.

Anyways, so just a couple of hours ago, I took my dog on a walk again and we took the road again partly because it was cold and I wanted just a short walk, and because I was kind of curious to see if I could find anything more. Don't worry, I did. In case you haven't, I would advise reading the first part to my story before reading this (it is pretty long so sorry about that if you don't like to read a lot).

So as I was walking my dog down that same road as last time, things seemed normal. He was walking along, happily sniffing things and eating snow. I didn't get any weird feelings this time, though, so we kept walking until we got to the house again. The moon is pretty bright so the backyard is decently lit and I didn't see anything. 

All seems normal, until I heard a rustle so I stopped. My dog definitely heard it too because he stopped and was staring in the direction of a noise. I followed his gaze and saw that he was looking at a big pine tree with branches covering the base of it. Again, I noticed the weird tracks leading up to this certain tree. After a moment of watching, I heard the rustle again and saw that it was coming from the tree. I kinda thought it was weird but since I wasn't feeling creeped out and my dog just seemed much more curious than anything, so we kept walking. 

After walking around the block and maybe 125 feet, we walked past a set of thin trees that separate a house's yard from the street. I stood still and listened for a second, only to hear complete silence. As I'm typing this, I realize how strange this is now. Usually you can at least hear the bark of a dog in the distance or the wind rustling the tree branches but there was nothing at all. 

And then I got the weird urge to say something. I really don't know why, maybe I was just making some subconscious effort to break the silence? 

"Hello?" I asked.

Nothing but silence for maybe two seconds, and then I heard it. It sounded kind of like a mix of a cat yowling and hissing quietly from beyond the trees. Now that I think about it, a lady nearby takes in lots of stray cats so maybe I heard one of them but it seems weird because the noise sounded closer than that. I guess the cats may have wandered a bit but they usually don't do that, especially in the winter.

Anyways, my dog heard it too and he seemed a little on edge, so I speed-walked away and back home. Even my dog was pretty eager to get inside which is odd because he loves walks (as you could maybe tell by the fact that he was eating snow earlier haha). That was all that happened tonight but I figured I would update again. I'm thinking of maybe sharing some more weird stories of mine on here tonight, I have a lot. 
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Darkness Prevails
Would love to hear more of this - Any direct sightings of the creature yet? @LucidDreams18 
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Sadly not. Nothing else has happened in the last few days. There aren't any new tracks and my dog doesn't seem as interested in the yard anymore, but he does still seem curious about the field across from the house. Maybe whatever was in the yard is back in that area, so it's still possible that something might happen, but at the moment, nothing has. By the way, thank you so much for replying to my story!
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