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At the time of this experience I was 16 years old. This experience took place in Kentucky. I had gone over with my parents to visit my grandparents who owned and lived in their very own farm. We planned to stay a week or so there, just catching up on things and just doing family related things. My parent’s farmhouse was fairly big, having two floors. My parents slept upstairs in a room near mines, the rooms were not as big as I imagined but they were fairly comfortable and decently sized.

Around the second day of our stay at my grandparent’s farmhouse, me and my parents would normally get up early in the morning to help around the farm, my job at the time was basically just feeding the sheep, horses, cows, chickens, pigs, etc. However when I got to the chicken’s coop, I noticed that there were some chickens missing, in fact there should be a total of 16 chickens but when I counted, there were only 14. Basically there were “two” chickens missing. I could of sworn that the day before, I counted all 16 of them and had made sure to close the chicken coop before going to sleep for the night— now this morning there were two chickens missing. There was no way they could of simply escaped, it was pretty much impossible for them to get out of their coop with all doors and windows completely shut and locked up.

I walked around the coop just to double check that there was no way for them to get out wether it be through a crack on the wall or a hole on the ground. When I walked around the coop to the backside I immediately noticed that there was a big hole near the bottom of the back wall, probably about the size of a normal sized beach ball except this hole was not round but it was more like a jagged circle. I swear that hole was not there the night before, for I checked all around the coop before leaving.

I went and looked for my grandpa and led him back to the coop where that hole was. When he saw it, he appeared to have this worry some look on his face— like he knew what made that hole… he shrugged and told me that it must had been a wild bear or wolf but I don’t think a wolf of any kind could make a hole like that through a solid wooden wall, and there certainly were no bears around here. After my grandpa left to go check on the pigs, I closely examined the hole and knelt down to get a closer look. When I knelt down on my knees I noticed a very unusual foot print, how could I of possibly missed that?

The foot print looked like a cat print, only that this print was noticeably bigger than a normal cat print. This paw print was slightly wider than both of my feet together and bigger than a bear’s foot print. I noticed that their was a faint line of the same prints headed down into the nearby back woods. I kid you not that these foot prints were very spread apart from each other. Whatever made this must have been huge or simply just jumped.

At that time my curious mind just wanted to know where they led or “what” they led to, so I followed the trail of foot prints which ended up leading me to a very thick brush, however; they stopped right in front of the thick brush, so I began searching for more possible foot prints. Whatever it was could not of just flown away or simply disappeared. Nevertheless, I found another trail of prints about 12 feet in back of the brush— these prints seemed to lead further and deeper into the woods. Of course my curious mind kept telling me to follow the prints to see what they led to, so I did. I only wish I  had stopped at that very moment and ran back as far away as possible from there…

I followed the foot prints to the very end, they ended up leading me to this hole near the side of a big stone wall that was about 10 or 11 feet up from the ground where I was standing. This hole on the wall was probably about 17 feet wide and 8 feet tall. I simply could not of just gotten to this point and simply walked back, so I decided to approach the crevice of this stone wall. It was pitch black inside not letting me see anything beyond 6 feet of the entrance.

Before I could walk inside of this thing, I was suddenly and unexpectedly paralyzed with fear… as I stood there I began to notice that the woods had gone completely silent. The chirping of the birds, the croaking of the frogs—it had all gone completely silent. Even the chill breeze had suddenly just stopped. The woods became so quiet that all i could here was my heart beating by the second. I had the urge to simply run back to the farm but i felt like i was being watched and that the second that i would run back, whatever was watching me would without a doubt get me.

Now becoming very aware of my surroundings, i was able to see a faint object within the small cave. When i focused my attention to it, it became clear. Right there was the bodies of the very two chickens that were missing this morning, or at least—what was left of it. Thats the moment when something else caught my attention, within the corner of my right eye i saw something hide behind a thick bush in a swiftly manner. I quickly transitioned both my vision and attention to the sight of the bush.

That was the very moment when i caught sight of this “thing” for the very first time as it slowly emerged from within the bush. This is when i realized how dark it had gotten, for i was having trouble getting a clear look at it, however; there was just enough light for me to very faintly see the outline of it. This thing looked like a hound with bright orange eyes, no fur and a mouth full of sharp and elongated teeth. This thing was standing on all four legs, yet it seemed to be as tall as me (me being 5.8). This dog was unusually big and muscular. Dark as the night.

This thing took a small step forward, and another one, and another one before it let out this horrifying howl which made my hair completely stand up. For what seemed like hours, me and this thing stared at each other when suddenly—it lunged towards me, covering over 50 feet in-front of me within 2 seconds. At that time, everything froze for a second, realizing that this was the end for me—just when it was within 4 feet in-front of me, i hear a loud gunshot. The last thing i remember is seeing this thing fall in-front of me as it quickly got back up and ran away, out of sight. I remember seeing my grandpa carrying a heavy double pump shotgun as he grabbed my hand and ran with me back to the farm. The next thing i remember is seeing my parents opening the door and dragging me inside.

After that all i remember is suddenly blacking out and waking up in the couch the next morning to the sound of my parents packing up and discussing with my grandparents. Shortly after that, we were on our way back home. I do not know why, but that day i remained completely silent and disoriented. The following day i woke up feeling like myself again, in which i was able to ask my parents about what happened that night, however; whenever i would ask them, they would stay quiet before quickly changing the topic of the conversation to something else.

Its been two years since that experience, nevertheless; i continue to have the same nightmare of that thing from time to time. I have done research on this creature, searching for an exact match of it. Apparently the closest thing i could match with this creature was; the “Kentucky Hellhound.”

There are times where i would start asking myself: “what if my grandpa had not shown up at that moment to save me, what would that thing of done to me?”. Honestly i have ended up with more questions than answers, but all i hope is that i will never have to see this thing ever again.
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