Petey eyez
Let me begin by saying this experience changed me forever. I'm 27 now and I'm still haunted by a hunting trip from twelve years ago. I was up in Potter county hunting with my dad and his friends for the third year straight. I knew there were black bears and an assortment of predators in the woods and it was my first year using a ground blind for deer. I had all my gear my 30-30 Winchester and a hnk .45 as a side arm. Me and my dad went out on a crisp November morning and I was excited to get my first deer...but I only seen one thing and I still don't know what it was. I fell asleep in mid afternoon and I awoke at night alone. So I contacted camp through my walkie talkie and was told to enjoy the weekend in the woods. Now normally I'd wait til morning and trek back but I was in a unfamiliar sector of the woods. I went back asleep and woke up in the morning to the cracking of sticks. I looked through my scope scanning the area and I swear I thought I seen a giant wolf. I don't even know if wolves are around there to be honest but I kept my eye on it thinking "it breaks for me I'm dropping it." Literally right as I was thinking that it turned and started running full speed at me. I fired a shot square in it's chest and it tumbled and kept running like it wasn't even hit. So I fired all seven rounds I had left and it kept coming when I know at least five hit it. I threw the rifle in the blind tore through the door and ran as fast as I could unholstering my side arm just firing at it. I ran until I seen a tree I could get up and checked my clip and had three rounds Left I fired them In the air. That's the international sign of a hunter in distress. About thirty seconds later my dad chirped me asking if I was ok. I yelled into the walkie no I'm not! I told him everything that happened and the whole camp came to get me armed to the teeth. By the time they get there, not a single drop of blood or foot print was found. I still have nightmares about that day.
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@Petey eyez Why would you post a STORY and put it in the "Discussion" category?
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