Not the creepiest tale you'll read today, but a true one and recent...as in, it happened tonight when I was driving home from work.
My home is in a disturbingly normal suburban college town and sleeper community in central Ohio.  My job, however, is at a massive factory complex located in pretty much the middle of nowhere. It is a pretty setting, filled with wildlife - foxes, bald eagles, even bobcats- but still relatively rural.  Being near a city, though, it is not uncommon to see fairly low flying craft...and I have been given a near heart attack numerous times driving home due to what seem like strange lights in the sky.  However, after a few moments of observation, it always becomes clear that I am seeing a plane coming into some landing strip, or even a radio tower reflecting strangely in some clouds.
....that's what made the lights I saw tonight so...  puzzling.  I can theorize what I saw, but none of it makes any real sense.

I worked a bit later than usual tonight, trying to finish up some complicated chart.  By the time I found my car and got on the road, the sky was black, though decently bright with a half moon. 
I hadn't gotten far from the wooded area surrounding my workplace when I saw it.  A plane, I figured at first. Alternating white and red lights flashing over a farmhouse not too far from the road.
It was low to the ground.  ....very low.  As in just above the dark shadows of the trees that make up a small woodland area.  So low, I worried it might brush the tops of those trees and come to a fiery end.  But I soon realized that I did not need to worry about that, anyways, as the lights appeared to be hovering in place.  
Now, I know air planes and the like can sometimes appear to hover when you only see them from one angle.  However, I actually pulled over and paused, watching these flashing lights for a few minutes.  I suppose it could be an optical illusion still, but I swear, these lights never moved from their spot just above the dark tree line.
"Could someone be flying a lit up kite?  Testing out some large drone?"  The thought crossed my mind.  Indeed, my entire family had once been briefly terrorized by huge, noisy, and colorfully lit up kites being flown at night in a nearby park when I was a kid.  This...craft, though, seemed far too large even for a kite or drone.  And, again, it didn't seem to move at all.  Just hung there in the air, flashing and flickering, with what seemed like more lights than I would think to see on an airplane.
Moreover, while it is not the dead of winter yet, it seemed far too cold to me for any sane person to be out flying kites or drones.  To be sure, there are a good many insane folks out there, but still...

I had been watching the odd lights for a minute or so when I saw headlights coming up behind me.  Reluctantly, I eased back into the road and headed up to speed.  The lights above the trees were soon drowned out by the lights of the intruding vehicle....which was coming up fast.  Very fast.  Indeed, I was starting to wonder if the driver was planning to pass me or just run me off the road when I saw more lights ahead.  Sure, some I expected - the lights of one of the tiny "towns" I pass through on the way home - but there were others too.  From a distance, it looked like some sort of roadblock. 
Until this point, I had felt more curious and intrigued than nervous, but now with this lunatic on my bumper and the flashing lights ahead, I admit, I began to feel a bit nervous.  It was almost a relief then when I reached the crossroads to find the "roadblock" was simply a collection of tow trucks and police trying to clean up from what looked like a very nasty accident.
I admit, I was too busy avoiding debris to see what became of the car that had been tailing me, but it didn't seem to follow me past the crossroads.  

I'm sure there is a perfectly logical explanation for the lights, and that the tailgating speedster was merely that - your run of the mill arse who should have left earlier if he is running so late.  Still, it has been some hours since then and I still keep thinking about it.  

Not scary, persay, but strange.  And just enough out of the ordinary I thought I would share.
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