The Nighrunner
I'm gonna start off with my story. I live in Minnesota, but I went to Wisconsin for a boy scout camping trip we were going to Tomahawk the boy scout troop camp. I thought it would be fun, but that feeling was about to change when on the third day I went to the store and for just a souvenir I bought a hatchet. When I was on my way back, I looked for my friend Thomas, but he wasn't there. "Crap!" I said, "this is not gonna be good"
Then after looking, I started back to camp.

Mind you it was dark out, I had no light source just the people in the distance, I cursed in my head about my friend just leaving me there.
Then after about five minutes of walking, I heard a faint scream. It was so distant but so eerie that I started running, but then the scream got louder and closer, even though I thought I would be in camp by now, it scared me out of my skin because a growl came right behind me. 
Without thinking I looked behind me then I saw my intruder, it was in full detail, it was paler than gray kind of a whitish tint. then I looked at its
face, I still have night terrors just thinking about it now. 

I heard it crashing through the forest behind me, eventually and thank God I made it back to camp, I didn't look where I was going and I tripped on a root and fell. I think I was bleeding, My scoutmaster came and helped me up. My friend got in big trouble. I don't know what that thing was
or how the heck it got there from I don't frickin know 200-300 yards away??? If you know what it is please let me know.
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The Nighrunner
crap! forgot the double space.
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