My family and i went to target it was a week tell Halloween now i can't remember what year it was i might have been 9 or so. The target was in a mall in Cranbrook B.C anyway my brother lets call him Alex and i went on are own to look at all the decorations for Halloween. We saw a lot of fun stuff then we saw a toy phone with spider webs on it and so we played with it for a good 30 minutes. We knew what it said every time as soon as we walked away it ranged we went back to check it out and it said your next after it said that Alex and i ran as fast as we could to my mom and sister we never told them. Now being a kid this scared the fuck out of me. My brother and i never talked about it after that. I'm 14 now and i still wonder what it meant your next. that target is gone now it became a Canadian tire and i still hear your next in there it might be haunted i don't really know but all i know is that we never should of picked up that stupid phone. Be safe out there and remember never pick up a toy phone that's ringing
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