My fiancé Andrew and I moved into the home I grew up in.  As the home had been vacant for a few years, he enlisted his best friend John to stay with us while he helped do some minor repairs and cleaning.  I was pregnant with our daughter at this time. Andrew and I slept in the master bedroom and John took one of the guest rooms as his own while he stayed. 


I came home from work one day to find Andrew and John acting weird.  They told me hours before I arrived, they had been working in the backyard. John looked up to see a pale woman with dark hair standing at the kitchen window, staring outside in his direction.


He called out to Andrew, asking him if I was supposed to be home early.  Andrew replied I was not. By this time, John and Andrew were both looking at the female figure staring back at them. Finally it backed away from the window and out of view.


As they were telling me about this, I got serious goosebumps. However we decided to ignore the ghostly woman and went about our day. A few days later, Andrew and John were outside working again, when they saw the same woman walk down the hallway and past the back door window. 


Again I came home to two grown men scared to be in the house without me there.  As Andrew is 6 foot 3 inches & 280lbs, and John a kickboxer. I found their fear of a ghostly woman almost amusing.


Until the night it happened.  Fast forward two years and minor scares later.  Small things had happened like cabinet doors being open when we know they were closed. Lights being on when we know they had been off. 


Our daughter had been born in 2009. John had been moved out for about a year, but the guest room he slept in was still furnished. Sometimes Andrew and I would sleep in that room because we could watch a movie and fall asleep. 


The night it happened, Andrew and I had just finished a movie and the baby had fallen asleep between us.  I wanted to wait a couple more minutes before I moved her to her crib.  So I just laid there, not moving or sleeping.  Andrew was on the outside of the bed, also being perfectly still and perhaps on the verge of sleep. 


We had no pets inside the house, nothing that could explain what happened next.  The sound of heavy feet began taking fast steps in the living room, moving quicker and quicker with each step until it was at a dead run down the hallway towards our room and the guest bathroom at the end of the hall.


Hearing the first few heavy steps brought me straight up in the bed and by the time the stomping running feet passed our bedroom door, I was stepping over Andrew's legs and onto the floor. It crashed into the bathroom door so hard, the springy doorstop on the bathroom wall was vibrating.


Andrew was sitting up in bed, pale with fear and asked me what the hell that was.  By this point, I have my hand on the bedroom doorknob. 


All I say is, "I don't know. Stay with the baby while I go look." 


I opened the bedroom door and saw the bathroom door still moving slowly back and forth.  Scared to death of what I may find, what huge heavy thing had run down my hallway and crashed into my bathroom, what uninvited guest was only yards from my tiny baby.


I quickly and quietly covered the short distance from bedroom to bathroom.  I stopped the swinging door and without going into the dark bathroom, thrust my hand in the direction of the wall switch, flicking on the light.


Nothing was there. I took a few more fast steps and yanked the shower curtain back so hard it tore a few rings out.  Nothing.


Glad to not have found a psychopath killer, I returned to the bedroom.  Andrew is holding our sleeping baby, sitting on the bed.


"What was it, what did you see" He asked. 


"Nothing”, I replied. “Nobody.  Whatever crashed into the door is gone."


"But where did it go?  There's no way for it to leave.  The bathroom window is too small for anybody to shimmy through." He asked. 


I shook my head. "I don't know," was the only answer I had. 


He stayed in the guest bedroom with our baby while I checked the rest of the house--empty and locked up.  No surprise there.  I always made sure of that every night. We were so scared and shaken, we decided to spend the rest of the night at his dad's house, 45 minutes away. 


We loaded up the baby and her things, and left.  We didn't speak of what happened until the next day.  With the light of day, it didn't seem any less scary, but we were finally able to return home.  And we never slept in that room again.

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@Clghmn - I edited the spacing, as the super far left indentation made it a little awkward to read. A very interesting tale. I also like the fact that is was you the mother that took charge in the situation - makes a change to it always being the guy!

Just a small tip. Try to give a little more description to the emotion felt when writing the speech. So if the character is scared, you reflect it in their speech. Not an easy thing to do I admit, but a little bit more description goes a long way! 

Giving this a like and thanks for the story!
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