This happened a few days ago. Me and my friend, we'll call her Maggie, were playing in the small patch of woods on my property. Suddenly, everything went very quiet; there was absolutely no sound, no insects, birds, not even the neighbor's annoying dogs. I looked at Maggie to find that she had a horrified look on her face, and she was looking up into the trees.

I looked up to, and what I saw, will haunt me forever. A very large animal was perched unnaturally on a branch that should've been too small to support it's weight. It's body was made like that of a velociraptor from the classic Jurassic Park movies, but it was covered in short blond fur, not the reptilian scales you'd expect.

Suddenly, the creature jumped down at an unnatural speed and landed on its feet with ease. I could see now that it had vibrant blue eyes, and I also managed to notice that it was female. She had thin red stripes all over her body that almost looked like her veins were showing, even through the fur. And thanks to the darkness of the woods, I could see that they were glowing.

The glow got brighter every now and again, and every time the glow intensified the animal groaned in pain, but she also seemed to get more angry. She crept towards us slowly, Maggie was younger and smaller than me so I pushed her behind me. This thing must've been six feet tall, the height was similar to that of my dad and he is 6'3".

The creature showed me her sharp, gnarly teeth. They were pearly white other than what were probably blood stains here and there. She growled softly before stepping right up to me, very confidently. She towered over our heads and placed her huge clawed hands on my shoulders. She glared down at me with complete evil in her eyes, and smiled.

I kid you not, she gave me the most gut wrenching grin I've ever seen. Blood dripped on my face from her slightly opened mouth. We just stood, staring at one another for what felt like forever before she backed off, only taking about 3 steps backwards from us. Then, she spoke. Her voice was feminine yet raspy and distorted. "Don't get too close or you shall meet the same end as every other poor soul who wondered into these woods." I had no idea what she was talking about, I hadn't heard of anyone being killed mysteriously anywhere near here.

I turned to look at Maggie, who had her face buried in my back, and when I turned back around, the creature was gone. I still play in those woods from time to time, but only when there's plenty of light and an adult with me. And remember, when you're in the woods, no matter how vast or small they are, watch out for monsters.
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