First off I'd like to start off by saying I am one who believes in the paranormal and I also believe in witches, witchcraft, and all that good stuff. I just turned 19,  but this story takes place when I was maybe around the age of 14. This is when I lived in an apartment with my older half sister and older half brother along with my little brother who isn't half and my mother.

I'd also like to note that in this apartment, my mom had this family picture of all four of us kids and her. She also had seperate pictures of each of us near the kitchen along a window sill. This is important to the story later on.

Me and my younger brother came back from school to find the house empty. I forget what happened but for some reason, me and my brother got into a fight at some point. Me, being mad, went to my room and closed the door trying to avoid my brother in the other room. I started watching a movie which I remember clearly as being 'The Blind Side' when suddenly my brother comes barging in my room.

He was half out of breath and looked like he had seen a ghost. He told me while trying to catch his breath that he had seen a dog in the bathroom. Judging by his look and noticing how he never laughed or smiled I could tell he wasn't joking and that he was very serious. I told him to get in and I closed and locked the door to my room. I then, for some reason, grabbed 2 of my bibles from under my bed that I kept safe in a shoebox. I gave him the older one while I held the newer one that I recently got from my mother.

We hide in my bed under the blankets completely terrified and shooken while grasping the bibles close to our chests. We waited for what seemed like only a few seconds when the locked door to my bedroom slams open so hard, it shook the whole room. My brother and I are completely terrified at this point. I suddenly start to pray in my mind telling God to take over the situation for us. Soon after I did that, we hear nothing after the door slams open. Just... complete... silence...

We waited for what seemed like forever, too scared to lift the covers off our heads. I was afraid it would show up looking over us if I did so. Then my brother says, after a few mintues of waiting, that we should get up and see if it was still there. We finally do so and we find ourselves back-to-back with the bibles held out in front of us. The first thing we do is check the bathroom. We look inside to find nothing is in there. We then scan the whole house to find it completely empty and quiet.

We sit in the kitchen to process what just happened. I start asking questions to my brother about this thing he saw. I asked him what it looked like and he said it stood as tall as a kitchen counter and its legs were bent looking, almost as if they were broken. He said it stood halfway behind the door and it was facing the shower which means, the opposite to where my brother was standing. He said it was slowly turning to face him and as it did so, he could hear it's bones cracking. He said that the head of the dog was almost like that of a goat. I then asked him if it was see-through or if it was actually there, because most ghostly things are see-through, but he said it was actually there. He couldn't see through it or anything. He explained that the ears looked almost like horns and the mouth was drooling intensely because it's mouth was chipped open like you would see on a dead goat skull and it's eyes were a beaty red.

I was in complete shock when I heard this. I then started to process whether he was lying or not. First off, if he was lying, he would've laughed when he told me he saw it. Second of all, if this was a joke, he wouldn't be able to tell me as much detail about it head on like he did. Third and most, if it really was a prank, how would he be able to slam open a locked door if he was by my side the whole time. He told me not to tell mom about it so I did as he asked because I, myself, didn't want to frighten anyone. I wished the story ends there, but it doesn't.

A few days after the hellhound attack, my mother yells at all of us to get up. It was about 4 or 5 in the morning and she was very angry at all of us. Everyone was completely clueless as to why she would be so angry as to wake us all up at this hour of the day. She then asked us in a very angry tone why we would knock over the pictures she had of each if us and why the family picture was cracked right where all our necks met.

We all looked at each other in confusion. Then I looked at my younger brother and he gave me the same look of concern that it might've been that hellhound that scared us a few days back. We still proceeded to keep it a secret and left it at that.

Later on, I asked my younger brother to draw it for me and he did. It was horrifying and I wish I still had the drawing bc I would've shown it to you if I had. I also remember telling my dad about it and he thinks the hellhound grew from our anger since we had a fight before it happened. After we moved out of the apartments and several months went by, I finally told my mother about it and she was very shocked. My mother is one to believe in the paranormal and she knows that it is very much real, so when I told her about this event, she seemed shocked and asked me why I didn't tell her the day that it had happened. I only said that I didn't want anyone to freak out about it at the time and she understood.

Since then, I would have to say that this by far, was the creepiest encounter that I had ever experienced. Especially since it slammed open a locked door like it was nothing.
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