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I have several stories, encounters if you may, with this “creature” it have followed me for a while, if not my entire life and I appologize since this is a short one, to put things into prespective I am a healthy 27 years old from Tunis, North Africa and this encounter happened about 2 years ago.

One time I was walking alone, late at night around 3-4 am, I enjoy late night walks, when I got the feeling that there is something in the empty street with me, something following me, but it was smart, it synchronized it’s steps with mine, I start getting this feeling of uneasiness crawl all over my body, so I sat on the sidewalk, pretending to be resting for a bit while trying to catch a glimpse of what ever or who ever it was, if I am being honest I was scared shitless.

I saw this humanoid figure, it was about 1.80 meters tall with a slender yet muscular body for lack of better terms and it had animalistic features, pointy ears, long fingers with what appears to be sharp claws, its skin looked like a mixture between scales and fur and it was dark, I don’t mean just standing in the dark I mean it was so dark as if it was absorbing all the light that was in the street.

I will not lie I started having that primal fear, something in me knew that I was in danger, but I didn’t run perhaps it’s pride but I don’t run from anything, so I took off my headphones and I kept walking as if I didn’t see anything though I could feel it getting closer, until I reached my house,

I stood at the door and looked behind me, it was standing no more than 20 meters behind me, it just stood there and waved at me, it is safe to say that I didn’t sleep well that night, not out of fear of the encounter, but when I revisited my memories I realised that this creature have followed for a while now but this was the first time I’ve actually noticed it…
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