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I am a 46 year old man from Africa currently residing in Los Angeles. growing  up I've always known about cursed items and their devastating effect on life, prosperity and health. It's no secret in Africa, so I have always been aware of it but never believed it would happen to me. 

In 2012, i had the privilege of managing some apartment complexes for my friend for extra money and in the process got acquainted with another African from Cameroon.

We  clicked and he proposed renovating the floor of one of the rooms. A deal was struck and work started and completed successfully. He then offered to rent the room and hall for after-party gigs which I accepted. After 3 months of none payment, I grew frustrated and decided to evict him. On making rounds in the building I noticed that he had turned the room into a living spot for himself. I later gathered that he had been homeless for a while. The eviction continued for quite a while and after successfully reclaimingthe keys back I noticed that his belongings were still abandoned in that room.

I called and left messages for him to come pick his property up but he never got back to me so I had to remove them. It was when I was removing them that I stumbled upon a multicolored abstract wall painting. Since I knew that it would all eventually be dropped into the trash, I kept the picture as compensation for the trouble he brought my way. That's when my bad luck started.

From the moment I hung this picture, my relationship of 9 years tanked.

There was always a very negative energy in my apartment and my ex would always go off on stupid and non-issue things for no reason. My new business took literally one month to dissolve and finally the relationship ended on a very sad note. I moved to a new apartment, got a new girlfriend and same thing started all over again. Since my main income was from retail commission, I started noticing very bad sale days. Sometimes I would go 4 days without a single sale, which was weird because I had been with the same company for more than 4 years and never experienced such thing.

My second relationship struggled until we couldn't do it much longer and she moved out. I then moved out of the apartment and got another apartment yet again. After a while we reconnected and stated working on the relationship again.

Then one night I was sitting on the couch opposite the painting and just happened to take a deeper look at the abstract painting and noticed that it had a drawing of the devil,complete with  a pointy tail and demonic eyes.

Although it was right there, yet it was extremely difficult to make out since it was drawn in abstract.

Once I decoded the picture, I took it out to the porch and left it there face down and away from my house. I would always be hesitant to throw it out because it was really pretty and  a conversation starter in my apartment. Sometimes when I expected guests I'll pull it back in and hang it. I kept doing this for well over 1 year until I went and took it to another section of my porch and put it facedown again to the floor. All went well for some months and then the bad luck started again at work. I went 7 days without a customer walking into my store which was amazingly weird.

Having understood the picture and it's significance to my ups and downs, I went straight to where I left it and found that the building painters hired to repaint the apartment, moved the picture back up and facing my apartment once again.

That was it for me.

I waited until night and took it to the dumpster. Before I did I wanted to write " DO NOT TAKE, BRINGS BAD LUCK" but I didn't have a marker and couldn't break the damn thing into pieces because it was just too big and strong, so I just discarded it outside the dumpster room. Since then it's been good sailing in my relationship and work, I just made 2 months straight of sales goal for my store and my relationship is awesome. I also finally figured out that it probably was this cursed picture that had kept the African down without a job and homeless.

I pray that whoever picked up that picture never hangs it indoors or else........
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