Hello Darkness! Here is my true scary ghost story! I give you permission to narrate it in a video if you like, and I also hope you enjoy it! It was creepier than it sounds!

This true story happened in November, 2013. My sister Bailey, an ex-friend who I will call Maria and Sam, another friend were with me when this happened.

Sam and I were seniors while Bailey and Maria were sophomores in high school. Sam had told us she used to live in this big house on a hill for 10 years when she was younger with her family one day. The house and the land are extremely haunted. One can see it on the hill it sits on from the main road a good distance away. She had told us what happened to her and her family when they were there; and also explained about "the lady in white." People would see a woman walking around in I guess a white victorian? Dress, haunting the land. Also people will hear Cow bells in the fields when there's no Cows and other hauntings. They had moved out because of it being haunted, it was causing problems...sadly all but one of their Animals passed away there...(their Cat they still have is their only survivor) and for more reasons. Now the house has been sitting abandoned since we were freshmen, so it wasn't in total ruins yet.
So...We decided "hey! Why not explore it a little bit?" Though mainly Sam wanted to take us there herself. With a little planning, we found a day we could all go together.

We all met up at Maria’s house and hung out having a good time until it got pitch dark outside. It was cold and snowing but we left for this house anyway. It was a bit of a drive but we get onto this dirt road. As we were driving up to it, Sam was telling us that the new owners living down the road from it had locked everything up so no one could break into the house. Once we got there, we saw it was a very big abandoned house with fields around it and a garage with its door a little more than half-way open. It was bigger than we thought, and we stayed for a couple of hours or so. The dark night sky and falling snow made it look much creepier. Once we got out of our car, I look to my right ahead and...I see this foggy figure of a leg and the bottom of a white dress "walk past" and disappear for maybe a split 2 seconds. I froze, then asked if anybody else saw it. They all said no. Not even five minutes passed after getting there and stuff already started happening. First off, to make things eerier, Maria had blared Grisly Reminder by Midnight Syndicate off her old phone. We all looked at her as she shrugged with a smirk. But she turned if off after some minutes. I thought it fit pretty well; with the scenery and such. Then her and Beth began taking pictures as Sam dragged me to the back of the house. (Apparently, the new owners didn't lock EVERYTHING up. Here's where it gets funny.)

The three of us managed to squeeze through this opening and were now on the indoor porch. I saw Bailey checking out the house by walking around and that's when I saw it. A huge, wide open window next to the padlocked front door. I burst out laughing and told the others who saw it and also laughed. I then climbed in and sat in the windowsill, so I was in the living room able to see the stairs leading up to the second floor, and the hall that leads to the kitchen. (I didn't explore the inside though.) Maria was standing behind me and as we were shining our flashlights around, Sam asked me to give her anything she left behind to her. I nodded then looked to the floor to find this little toy ladybug lying on the floor. "Here." I had said, picking it up and tossing it to her. She happily thanked me, saying she was looking for it for years. She then took off with Beth in tow to the other side.
"Too bad it's as haunted as she says it is. It was a nice house at one point." Maria had said, looking around inside ten minutes later. I agreed then I happened to look into the kitchen; and see what looks like a young woman in a gown with stringy hair and wide dark eyes just standing there facing me. I was startled as I stared back. Maria asked what was wrong, but before I could answer, Sam comes sprinting onto the front porch with Beth trying to stop her, and starts slamming, pounding, going APE SHIT on the front door. It scared the living crap badly out of all of us. "SAM! WHAT THE FUCK?!" me and Maria had screamed at the same time. "What? What I do?" she had asked smiling. "Well, due to your assholery," I had started in for some reason a british accent, making Bailey laugh, "you've managed to scare the shit outta all of us by pounding on that thing!" I had finished.
"What are you doing??" Beth had demanded after her laughing fit.
"I'm trying to provoke the ghosts!" Sam had replied. "Wish granted, there was just something standing in the kitchen." I had said back, seeing that it was now gone. They all looked at me. "...There was?..." I heard Bailey quietly say. I nodded, "Oh good it's working!" Sam had cheered, running back around with Beth chasing and calling her name. At this point, the two of us could hear her kicking and slamming on things. Then I heard Maria say when she looked back inside: "please tell me that's just a wooden plank." I looked at her, seeing her face pale and her eyes widen. I shined my flashlight up the stairs as I followed her gaze up those steps but saw nothing. However, I did catch a glimpse of what she saw, and I was hoping it wasn't what I was thinking. But it was as I think back on this night. Just a pair of legs standing at the top step...

Now, I know seeing all these things in short amounts of time may be unbelievable, but remember, this is an extremely haunted place and you weren't there for what happened. If you still don't believe me though, I don't care. I don't. Just enjoy the story.

"...I'm done. That's just...augh..." I had said, as I noped my way out of the house. We walked over to the other side and looked through some windows lower to the ground; trying our best not to be scared away. We then see the basement through one of those windows, which looked to be straight out of a horror movie. Cliche to say I know, but how else can I describe it?

"That is one creepy-ass basement..." Maria had muttered next to me.

With that said, us two walked back over to the open window. Suddenly, we see a pair of headlights in the distance, and discovered it was a pick up truck heading our way. We turned off our flashlights and waited for the truck to go by. When it did, it drove a good distance away. As we watched it turning around, we hear Bailey and Sam race for our car. "We need to go like NOW!" Bailey had yelled, while the headlights hit us and the house. (Now, I know it was most likely the new owners seeing what we were doing; but it was still pretty freaky.) Maria then yelled at me to run, being us two were the last ones to get to our car as the truck chased us. But we literally out ran that truck. We all piled in and took off. As we were passing the house, Bailey was like: "maybe we'll hear some Cow bells?" We rolled down our windows and listened as we drove off, but didn't hear anything.

After that, we decided to listen to some music to calm ourselves and it was really late at this point. Maybe thirty minutes later, I noticed that Sam went from happy and dancing, to still and staring ahead. I said her name and the way she looked at me still gives me chills...she slowly looked at me, unblinking, a frown etched on her face and her pupils...her pupils were smaller than normal.
She looked possessed.
"...What's wrong?" I had asked, she didn't answer. It took a couple of tries to get her to snap out of it as she stared at me like this. And when she did, her eyes became normal before telling me something felt like it was tickling the back of her neck, "I think I know why I suddenly feel like this." she had said. "Why?..." I had asked, and she held up her ladybug between us. I stared at it as Bailey turned the music down "ah shit! Throw it out the window then." Maria had exclaimed and so we did long before we reached Maria’s house. I felt bad, because she loved that thing and we had to get rid of it.

Once we got to her home, inside everyone but me fell asleep in the living room shortly after. I was watching TV and doing whatever. A snowstorm had hit at this point. Quite a while later however, I felt like I was being watched. Nobody else was awake and as I tried to brush the feeling off, I suddenly hear really heavy footsteps stomping around loudly on the porch like a very angry person. It scared me to death. The only thing that was separating me from where I was laying on the couch and the porch, was the wall. So it was right behind me. I listened intently, I was too scared to yell for everyone else to wake up and was actually frozen in my spot. Minutes had gone by before I gained the courage to sit up and peer through the window curtains and blindfolds. I pulled them open, and as the footsteps continued, I saw nothing.

I stared out into the dark snowy night still hearing this stomping in shock for maybe another thirty seconds before I quickly laid back down terrified, and tried my best to ignore it which lasted for what felt like twenty minutes by watching TV. It was hard…(the snow was soft, as the storm was a mild one. So I don’t believe it was hail or hard clumps of snow hitting the porch). The next morning, I explained to the others what happened. Sam looked like she felt bad for bringing us there and it creeped all of them out. But it reminded us to look over the photos we took. Our best one is of a house shot, and there's something of what looks like someone looking at us by leaning out one of the attic windows. (I wish I had the pictures to show you.)

For the next two days, weird/creepy things started happening to us, but never to Sam. Each of us would call her and explain. For example, our Animals acted strange, we heard scratching at night (there's scratch marks on my walls), we would see figures, hear voices, etc. But after two days it stopped. A week later, one day at school, Sam came up to us as we were just chilling out in the halls during break. We had asked her what was up, for she looked spooked. And she tells us some days after our experience, her parents were driving by the house, her mother had looked to the garage and saw a pair of legs covered in a white dress dangling, as if someone had hung themselves. The rest of the body obscured by the garage door.

We haven't been to the house since.
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