Last October around the 21st. I purchased my first place, no not a simple apartment like most people would expect. I saved up for a house and managed to get one for extremely cheap. I bought it based on the pictures.

I know people might bethinking “He’s an idiot who buys a house for extremely cheap without even visiting it”. Well I'll tell you this, when I see something I really want to go for it and when its cheap you can surely bet i'll go for it.

Anyways when I arrived to the house the previous owners left most of their furniture. It made moving a lot easier. It also seemed as if all the appliances in the house was brand new. Struck me as strange but i didn't worry because free appliances and I was low on cash after buying the place.

The first day was exhausting so I went up to my new room to set it up. It was a nice sized room enough to fit my computer setup, my bed , my tv, and my wardrobe for clothes.

It took me a couple hours to set up my room. It ended up being done by 3am so i was exhausted and went to bed.

Throughout the night I heard scratching above me and i thought i heard breathing I brushed it off as it being nothing and just me being scared of the new house.

The next morning because I was curious about the history of the house I hopped on my desktop and researched the previous owners. It turned out the previous owner disappeared and believe to have run away but no one was for sure what happened.

This didn’t bother me because their unexplained vanishing caused me to buy the place for cheap. Which i was happy about.

I decided to try to figure out if there was something up in the attic of the house. I searched all over the house for were the way up there it would be. AS if my life was some horror movie it actually turned out to be in a corner of my room.

It was a trapdoor type entrance were you would pull the string and the stairs would fall down for you to climb up. I took my phone and turned on the flash and decided to take a look around.

When I was up there it was incredibly dark and hard to breath. The stench up there made me almost puked. I thought an animal must have died up there.

I couldn’t see anything but i heard moving as if someone was pushing things around.

I yelled “Hello is anyone up here”

No response

When I realized no one was up there I made my way down but before I hit the last step. Something moved behind me.

I quickly turned around in fear but it turned out to just be two little mice walking around behind me. This caused me to go out and buy some mouse traps so they can be taken care of. I don't believe in killing mice because they are just little guys so I bought some simple trapping traps so they wouldn’t get hurt.

It ended up costing me about fifty bucks but it was worth it, I thought. I set them up right as i got home.

To cool off and relax i played some league of legends with my friend Grillby for the rest of the day and a little bit into the night. Our dream was to become pro but that dream stopped so we just play against bots.

Something strange happened while we were playing. I ended up hearing squeaking in the addict so I told my friend I had to go check it out he laughed and told me he hopes Cho'gath eats me up there. I kindly told him to eat a dick and went up to check what was going on.

When I went up to check the latter door was a little shaky. It seemed as if something was pulling on it. Eventually i got it open and went up to take a look. This time I didn't bring a light because my phone was dead.

I looked in the trap I bought and it seemed to be broken. I guessed the mice broke out of it. When going down the ladder I looked off into one of the corners of the attic and saw eyes staring back at me. They eventually disappeared though .I ended brushing it off because i was thinking that i was just making myself paranoid causing my self to see things.

The night went smoothly me and my friend got our asses handed to us by bots. Like i said we aren't pro but after the game we decided to sit there in video chat and chill for a bit. We got on the topic scary stories due to the fact that i know of a youtuber called Darkness Prevails. We started talking about his new cursed objects video that recently came out at the time.

After an hour of talking I got sleepy and decided to head to bed. I put on some philosophy chillstep videos because they help me sleep and I drifted off.


I awoke to a loud bang. I quickly turned on the light and put on my glasses. The one downside to the light next to my bed is that it doesn’t fill the whole room but from what I could tell there was nothing in the room. That was until I looked at the corner to were the attic was and i could see that the stairs to the attic was pulled down…

Something was standing near the stairs. It seemed to be a pale white figure with long arms and legs crouching chewing on something. I turned on my phones light and pointed it at the creature.

It turned around and it was holding something up to its face.


I realized it was eating one of the mice from the attic I sprung up grabbing my knife on the side of my bed and I pointed it at it and began to yell.


In a matter of the second to creature jumped onto me and took a bite out of my right shoulder but while it was biting down I jammed my knife into its neck. The creature gave a whale blood pouring all over me and my floor and it ran into my attic.

I quickly close the attic stairs and called the police and an ambulance. I was rushed to the hospital I was bleeding pretty bad but was released the next day.

I spoke to the police and asked them if they found anything. One of the officers took off his hat and explained to me they found a nest type thing in the attic with the corpse of the previous owners of the house. They also found bones of animals up there too. They recommend I stay with a friend until the place was cleaned up.

I thanked them for their help and stayed with one of my cousins. I’m finally home now and im writing this. I sealed off the attic and everything has been fine since. I am thankful I didn't stay asleep when hearing the attic stairs open or i would have probably been like the previous house owners. If anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask.

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What was it that bit you? (White, had teeth and made a nest). What could it have been?
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What was it that bit you? (White, had teeth and made a nest). What could it have been?

honnestly i have no clue what it was. I heard stories of the rake but that is just fake internet creatures im not sure what i saw. I have heard in some stories ive been told vampires are pale as snow and have sharp teeth and dont always sleep in coffins. maybe it was some form of vamp no clue your guess is better than mine.

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