Marshal Wæn McClucas Corporal Mac
I am a simple Irish lad, and I lived there most of my life. I was a bit obsessed with cultures and history, so I tended to see the world a lot. I was travelling around Northern Ireland, for it was my vacation and I love to visit my Scottish side of the family around Christmas. My Scottish relatives moved to Northern Ireland a few years prior. So I was making my way to their town, (I am from Dublin so it wasn't one of my longer adventures) and everything was going well at the time. I had been driving a while and decided to stop and take a bit of a break. I parked on the side of the road, expecting to get a nice relaxing walk in. Just down a short path from where I had parked, there seemed to be the shoreline, so that's where I headed, expecting a peaceful journey. Quite some time had passed, and I had made it far down the shoreline when I saw something strange. I thought that I was looking at the outline of a man in the water...but  it was winter, mind you. This man was way out there, not moving by the looks of it. The closer I got, the stranger it seemed, for this "man" started to look increasingly wrong by the second. His body was so thin and his proportions seemed disfigured, his head looked a bit big and his arms hung down like anchors. It was at this moment that I realized that his head was tilted in a very eerie and banjaxed manner. I needed to get a closer look, so I moved closer only to find myself frozen still, I could see him very clearly now, just facing me with the eyeless visage of a corpse. This thing's body seemed to lack skin to cover its disgusting features. The eye sockets were pitch black, its head had a few strands of dark hairs and the lipless mouth gave a chilling grin filled with pointed teeth. I could not bare to look at this grotesque monstrosity for another second, so I hurried to get back to my car. Just before I made it to the trail that led to my car, I was stopped by a strange noise, like that of a drowning horse. I turned to face the water, only to be greeted by a head of what looked to be a horse rising out of the waves. This horse looked just as dead as the man from earlier, only something was different. I stood for about three seconds before I saw that the horse had one eye, one glowing yellow eye. My heart nearly stopped when I saw the horse walking towards me, and on its back, the hideous corpse I had seen previously. At this point, I smelled an awful, wretched scent in the air as that creature let out another nightmarish cry. I instantly received a terrible sickly feeling, but I wasn't about to hang around to become some demon's snack, so I turned and sprinted to my car. I didn't stop until I actually reached it, puking just before I literally jump in and speed off. The whole time I drove, I would look in my rear view mirror to make sure I was safe. I could not escape that awful, putrid smell until I finally reached the closest town. Once I made it to my relatives house, it was already nightfall. My uncle came out and greeted me, it didn't take long for him to realize that something was off about me. He asked me what was wrong, so I explained everything to him. He sighed and patted me on the shoulder before walking me inside and preparing tea. Once we settled inside, he told me stories that his grandfather used to tell him about a demon from their old folktales. These tales described the exact monster that I had witnessed, a monster that frightened people for generations.
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