McKinley Zodaichunter
                       I thought my last encounter with this monster would be the one 3 years ago. The first arrival of this beast happened when I was asleep,  my room leads out to the front yard and the "Allie way." The few noises I heard I thought they were just my dream until I heard tapping noises from the back of the wall. I was startled and I thought I was having sleep paralyzes, then it did something I'd never imagine it to do the creature spoke which sounds unbelievable but werewolves, vampires, windigos, skinwalkers those all sound unbelievable yet people say they encountered them so this doesn't sound that unbelievable. What the werewolf said that night would not let me sleep for the rest of the night when the werewolf spoke his voice was rusty and old and sounded like an old man that smoked had just woke up from a nap, it said: "this won't be the last time." I lied awake for the rest of that night and jumped at every noise I heard the rest of that night.
                         When I turned 18 I moved out of my parent's house and moved into my apartment that was on the third floor so I didn't think that the werewolf could follow me but I was wrong the past couple of days I would wake up and go outside for my run but what I found on my welcome carpet terrified me on the rug was a dead fox. The following days would get worse next it was a cat then a dog. My apartment was facing the woods. I took my dog and cat with me when I moved and one night, while I was studying my cat, hissed at the window and my dog started to bark. I thought it was maybe a stray dog or a squirrel so I didn't think much of it until I heard the blood-curdling howl. I rushed to the window to shut it but I froze in my place there were two, two of them their copper eyes reflected the moonlight. Once I snapped out of my shock I shut the window and the creastures ran off. I ended up studying the rest of the night since I wouldn't be able to sleep. 
                           The last two encounters were the worst, I went fishing with my friends and I noticed it was starting to get dark and cold so I went to the car to grab my jacket and went back yet when I got back the place was trashed as if a dog had gotten into the place. My friends were hiding in a bush and I told them to come out because the 'joke" wasn't funny but my friend then pointed to the figure that was getting into the fish bucket. I froze when I say it and slowly went to my friends. after 3 or 4 minutes the beasts left. As soon as we got a clearing we bolted out and ran to the car. The ride home was so silent that if someone's phone went off we would either jump or scream. 
                         Our last encounter was at the movies, me and my boyfriend when to go see a movie with my boyfriend and once we finished the movie we were on the way to his car when we say two dots on the side of the cinema. Then I said "get in the car," he said 'why' and then he realized what it was and we drove home when we heard branches breaking on the left side of our car and it was following us so we took a route that leads to a highway. Then it stopped following us my boyfriend ended up staying with me that night. That was my last encounter but I'm certain it won't be the last.
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