Hi my name is Seth, I shared my story on reddit DP narrated it that was the whole story until now, to catch you up the link below is DPs narrated video of my story.

It has been 5 years since my last sight encounter of the Deer Demon, a cryptid humanoid from each encounter with time evolving each time I have seen it from a crying woman crawling on all fours to a Deer skull rotting corpse woman with hooves for feet and inverted legs of a deer/goat.

So to this day I still do not sleep at night from all my encounter I do not sleep until the sun comes up. My bed time routines I have to check all the window, doors, every closet is locked check behind ever nook and crack in my house before I feel safe enough to sleep after all my years of encounters. As I see the crack of sun light starting to hit the mountain to rise I start to fall asleep like clock work when I hear a whisper in my ear a all time familiar voice a heavy raspy breath the cold breath hitting my ear “ as you lay to sleep, forever together we will be” 

Before I could do anything everything went black the sensation was falling while not moving, the feeling was that when you sit upside down as a kid to get that blood rush to your head trying to regain your composer.  After the rush was over I could feel I was laying down on my face I could feel dirt on my face and hands, I open my eyes everything was blurry I blinked a couple of time and I could see tree trunks.

I felt sore head to toe, my muscles ached as if I just got done working out at the gym. I pulled myself up and all around me was just forest and this is very alarming because I live in desert mountains and the nearest forest is over 50 miles away! I look around and it is the dead of night no sunrise in sight, was I out for an entire day and it’s night again?  Before I could ask myself any more questions I heard foot steps behind coming closer, I close my eyes and take a deep breath to calm myself and I turn around to face what I already know is there.

I turn around and the Deer Demon was standing there staring at me the same as it has done for over 30 years, but as like many times before She looked different . Her skull was clean and white the hair was not molded and marred but black and blowing in the breeze, her skin terrifying pale and her legs of a animal inverted hoof feet. She stood I would say about 20 feet away just looking at me not moving I took a step back to test my ground and she immediately took one step forward running was not a option.

To this day I have never spoke to it fear of making things worse, the breeze was blowing I could feel the could air on my face and watching the breeze blow her hair I spoke only one word with confidence and composer back “What?”  She tilted her head then immediately turned around and started to walk away, before I could think about running she turn her head back to be waiting for me as if she wanted me to follow.

I looked around my surroundings it was just forest and a small dirt trail we were on, I looked up to the tops of the tree hoping to see light in the distant hoping for a city or town nearby to run to but nothing just darkness not even stars just dark clouds. I lock eye with its skull clinched my fists I took a step forward and she turn back around and started walking away again so I followed...

With each step we walked I felt like the cruch of the dirt between my bare feet the crunching from her hooves sent a chill up my spine I don’t know why it was just walking, the walk felt like everything was getting heavy my legs felt like jello I felt drunk and right as I felt like was a mount to fall over it all went away I snapped too and in the distance was single house in the woods I felt relief and terror at the same time why here?

As we got closer to the house it looked normal two stories white clean and a light in the side houses window was on and that is where we were heading. The deer lady walked up to the side of the house with the window as I stood back and watched as she took her hand with daggers for nails scrapped it against the wood of the house the scratching went up my spine and made my neck twinge. After that she stood at the corner of the housing looking at the window then   back to me, I walked up to the window and looked in and this was just not possible. There were kids in the house but it was me and my cousins when were no older then 5 years old I barley remember this from when we lived in California before moving to Arizona. 


I remember this night because we were all playing the original Nintendo they had just gotten and we couldn’t beat one of bowsers castles because there was a certain pattern to get through it. What made this night scary sleep over when we were playing we heard a slam and scream outside our window and soon as that memory hit me the Deer Lady was on the side of the house above me slammed her hands on the side of the house and screamed at me in my face it shook me to the core as the screaming hit I could in the corner of my eye and saw my cousins and me look at the window and screamed the same as we did all those years ago.

I grabbed my composer and turned and just ran back into the forest,  it looking back I hear running behind me and it wasn’t to feet it was the sound of all fours the chase was on. I didnt even know where to run, my chest felt like it was going to burst, as I was running I was hitting trees with my shoulders for not being able to see clearly.

wails from behind me were getting closer I was not going to win this race, so I stopped I held my breath and turned around to stand my ground she was coming up quickly on all fours skull locked in my eyes and stared back she lept at me and at this moment I jumped out of the way my arm scraping on the side of a tree bark and I hit the ground and I scramble to my feet and I was back in my house facing the window the sun in the window my wife looking at my and asked why I felt the need to dive out of bed? I was terrified and confused and I felt a coldness on my arm, I look at it on my right arm 3 little scratches with blood trickling out of it like a paper cut. 

Did it happen in the dream? Or was it from sliding on the carpet from skydiving out of my bed? Has she been watching me this entire time before the move to Arizona? I have had nightmares before but nothing like this I'am beyond confused with many unanswered questions and I feel battle was over and now as they say the was has just begun.

thank you for hearing me out again, if anything else happens I will post it for you.

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@SeathArtorias That link isn't working for me - Could you possibly link in this post or as a comment to this post to the text of your other story(ies)? Thanks! 
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Fixed DP
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@SeathArtorias Thank you! Here is the proper link for the video of your narration then. Just wanted to make sure I had the right story so that I could get the right link: 
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