This room place in 2016. I was 16 when this happen. I was walking my dog jack. He is a beagle. It was around 7 am. He started to do hid little sniffs and a small bark. Now he does this when he finds something insteading. I let him track this sent. We go up about two to three blocks and I liked up from playing pokemon go and I saw this thing it look like a dog but it was big with horns growing out of the side of its head. So then I ran as fast as I can. But with my pant was wet. Later that week I woke up to taping on the window of my room. My room is in the basement. Our basement is a walk out basement to the backyard. Our back yard is about 1.5 acers. Jack started to batk. So I decided to walk out side with the light on and I saw the creature in the corner of the yard. I started shake and then I snapped out of it and I ran inside amd locked the door. It came back to the window. Then my dog peed on my bed and hid under it. I was under my desk trying to hide from it. I haven't seen it for three years. Lets hope it wont come back.
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