I'd like to preface this story by stating that while I do entertain the possibility of the paranormal, I refuse to believe anything I don't see with my own two eyes. Surely all those "real ghost stories" you see on TV enjoy the money from a serialized program a bit too much for me to take them seriously. That said, I have absolutely no explanation for the following events.

As I was driving home one night, well into the the wee hours of the morning, a detour forced me to take a route most people in my hometown like to avoid. To be succinct, I live a few blocks away from fairly well-known orphanage that burned down centuries ago, claiming the life of several children. As such, stories of the site being haunted have spread like wildfire, even going so far as inspiring an episode of Supernatural. Anyway, said detour took me directly past the location in question.

Now, I grew up in the area, and I know the back roads better than anyone. Furthermore, having a birthday on Halloween, I've spent many a harvest season on the grounds of the old orphanage, trying to prove the existence of something beyond death. As I'm pragmatic by nature and nothing ever happened no matter how many times my friends and I explored the ruins, I was none too scared to have to drive by a simple urban legend. But I swear to you, the second I turned onto the street, I lost all sense of direction. For starters, the road has always been a paved, modern road as long as I've been alive. However, that particular night, it appeared as little more than a dirt path through the cornfields. I quickly looked for a street sign in case I'd somehow made a wrong turn, but there was none. I decided to continue driving, as normally this street would lead me back to the main road. I drove for what felt like hours, failing to recognize any of my surroundings. Growing suspicious but still trying to maintain my rationality, I became increasingly aware of the fact that I would soon be upon the site of the old orphanage. As I turned to look to the side of the road where my friends and I had been so many times, I saw the ruins of the old building...only they weren't ruins. It was only for an instant, but what I saw was the old Victorian style mansion, engulfed in a brilliant display of searing flames. By that point, I abandoned all sensibility and floored it to the end of the road. That's when things got really weird.

Typically, the street the orphanage is on leads to an intersection, where one can either continue on to the main road or turn left or right and venture through the woods. However, this time as I reached the end of my path, the road simply...stopped. No intersection, no signs, nothing but the surrounding cornfield with the forest behind it. But that wasn't what caught my eye. Dead center in the end of the road, illuminated by my headlights, was a baby carriage. An old, frilly, bassinet, covered in lace and entirely jet black; I believe in England they call them perambulators. This happened several years before the game was released, but the closest I can describe it as is the gothic baby strollers strewn about the city in Bloodborne. This particular "pram" was old and tattered, and so black in color it practically looked charred. I sat in my car, awestruck, when suddenly my radio, which wasn't even on in the first place, sprung to life. Amidst the static and regular interference, I heard the unmistakable cry of an infant. I immediately looked up to see the stroller was gone. Just then, I heard a heavy thump hit my rear bumper and felt my car lurch forward. I spun around in my seat and saw the carriage behind me in the road, facing me as if anything that would be inside was watching. By the glow of my taillights, I saw a small hand, blackened by ash, slowly rise up from within the bassinet. I can't tell you what happened next, as I pulled a hard fishtail, kicking up dirt and stone as I hauled ass past whatever the hell that thing was. I flew down the road, past the site of the orphanage without even risking a glance. Once I reached the opposite end of the road, where I had turned on to that nightmare street in the first place, I turned back onto the road and spun my car to face the direction from which I had just came. As if it had never happened, the road was just as it always had been, paved and sporting the same old street sign as ever. No signs of activity, living or otherwise, could be seen, save for the lightning bugs buzzing about in the fields.
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