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I thought that I start by saying this story follows around my family. I worry about them with their imagination it has caused to believe that their experiences they have had are true.

So this story starts and takes place after my family moved from trailer to new house that we built in 2013. Now since this is a new house you would probably think that it can't be haunted since it is brand new. Well not according to my parents and siblings they would try to convince you that the house is haunted. Because of their imaginations have caused me to worry about how this effects them and their minds.

It is creepy thinking about how they claimed to have seen something or a person in the house or saying that they heard things. I of course don't believe their stories but I have grown concerned about them with the things they say. My mother somes would scream in pain for no reason and would say it felt like something pinched, somethings hit her or kick her.  When she would check her arm or her leg after feeling pain there were no marks to show that someone kicked or pinched her. Then after finding no marks she say that she would swear that's what she felt.

I know that the imaginations that they have can not be good for them. Their imaginations have caused my sister to believe that her ceiling was completely covered with spiders when she was in bed. Then she says when she woke up she saw the spiders all crawling away when she opened her eyes. My sister and the rest of my family will tell you how scary those experiences were to them but to me what is really scary is how much they believe what they think they are seeing.

Their are few other stories where they claim to experience things that they think are real but I don't remember all of their stories. Imagination can be more scary than anything else and my family has proven that to me with their stories that they believe to be true.
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