Hi my name is Madisson I am a 16 year old girl. This story is About my childhood "imaginary" friend named black man. (His name isn't supposed to seem racist in anyway that's just what I called him.) Anyway when I was about 3 years old I had an imaginary friend (black man). How I would describe him is he looked like somewhat of a normal a little boy around my age maybe a year or two older. There were a few things different about him tho. He had red eyes,an extra set of arms and his skin and clothes were jet black, Hence The name black man. Like most kids and their imaginary friends the adults or other people can't see them and no matter how much I would demand that black man was real, my parents wouldn't believe me But I didn't care. Black man and I would talk, play games and hang out like normal friends. He was my best friend and he would get my into trouble a lot. He would tell me to do things like hide my moms keys or something silly and stupid and being how I was I would do it. I would get in trouble and try to tell my parents that black man told me to do it but they still wouldn't believe me. This stuff went on till I was about 5 years old and then all I remember is black man and I arguing about something. I can't remember what it was that we were arguing about but what I do remember is telling him to leave me alone and stop talking to me. Then black man saying "I will be watching you" and then he disappeared. I remember standing in my bathroom Where I just saw my best friend disappear like nothing. I stood there for about 10 minutes before bursting out in tears. My mom rushed in and asked what was wrong but I a could do was cry as my mom held me close trying to calm me down. The next day when I woke Up and was eating a bowl of stale luckycharms my mom asked me what I was crying about the other night and all I did was stare at her in confusion. I didn't remember a thing. I Couldn't remember crying and I definitely didn't remember anything about black man. And since then my mom and older sister would tell me or ask me if I remembered black man. They would tell me how I had an imaginary friend but this time I was the one that didn't believe them. That is until a few months ago when I had a weird dream. My dream started in my house with me brushing my teeth geting ready for bed. I walked out of the bathroom and looked down the hallway,I saw I guy around my age, red eyes, about 6feet tall, skin and clothes jet black and an extra set of arms on the sides of is rib cage. I turned to face him then smiled and said "it nice to see you again." Then walking in my room and going to sleep. And That's when I wake up. The dream felt so real and sends chills down my spine every time I think about it but since I had that dream I'm starting to slowly remember my childhood friend. And I've also been chatching my self doing strange things like putting my keys in weird places that I never would put them. I'll also have dreams about a things that will eventually happen in real life . When I'm home alone the doors to the bedrooms will open and close by themselves and every night before going to bed I look down the hallway and say good night without meaning to. Its weird and you might not believe me but it is one of the scariest things that have ever happened to me and I can't help but think if black man might not be so imaginary.
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