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This story takes place in Ohio on a farm where I still live. This incident happened in 2019 when im 14 years old. Due to how my family was "crazy" I had decided to be an athiest but still believe in ghosts and stuff but never had really encountered any paranormal stuff until now. Now I had never thought my house or property was haunted because my mom and sister who Ill call K would say crazy things like we had the spirit of a goat in our living room which i thought of as crazy as since Ive been living in this house with my family for years now with no incident.

My most terrifying incident happened in July when my sister came into the living room and was shaking whike talking about a demomic entity being in the forest. I woukd have thought she was crazy but she was so shaken I had to believe her though I didnt want to.

The same day at 2:49 at night I was feeling brave and wanted to see if I could encounter this demonic entity so I went deep into the forest with a flashlight with fresh batteries, a pocket knife and my phone fully charged just in case it was person in our woods this has happened before.

As soon as I had entered the forest I felt a little uneasy but I kept going for about 20 minutes since i was a speed walker naturally I was able to get far enough in that when I back tracked for 10 minutes I knew since I kept checking my phone. I just couldnt see my house at all. So I freaked out a little and srarted to walk in the direction I though my house was and started walking slowly as my unease grew and when I stopped I felt like I was being watched and so I turned and saw nothing. My flashlight started flickering then it turned off while I was trying to turn it on I kept hearing some deep demonic voice whispering I was gonna die from all directions and when the flashlight turned back on I saw it.

It looked about 6 feet tall had tattered black clothes on like a suit and dark sunked eyes with pale skin and a smile of balck teeth as it started to float. I was frozen in place and as it got closer it was the whole forest was getting darker and colder I remembered my pocket  knife and pulled it out then threw it at him it went right through him.

I think made it angry because all the whipsering was getting louder and he was starting to move faster I fimally turned and started running. when I had finally reached the edge of the I didnt stop in the slightest I actually started running harder until I reached my back porch and looked back. The damn thing was standing at the edge of the trees staring at me when it raised its boney pale finger and pointed at me and I could have sworn it said that if me or my sister go in the woods at night again he would kill us both.

Ever since then whenever I looked out to the woods at night hes there staring at me if I look for too long I get a nosebleed and so far Ive never gone in those woods at all.
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