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 To start off id like to say that i am a devout christian, and unlike some i do believe the paranormal is out there. And this place cemented that belief. So at the time i was living in Chicopee Massachusetts and to this day i still do. I still attend this church but we have moved to a different building. The building now belongs to Christ's community church.

At the time i was about 9 or 10 years old and stayed in that building until i was around 12. And i can tell you without a doubt that those were some of the scariest years of my life. One of my earliest memories of the place was on multiple occasions the fire alarm would go off during services. Now most would chalk this up to a faulty alarm system, but every time we would have the fire department come down and there would be nothing wrong with the system, and none of the alarm switches had been pulled.

 Also on many occasions while service was going on the door to the sanctuary would open and close on its own. Now im not just talking about creek open, this door, which was a heavy wooden door would swing open as if someone had pushed it open as hard as they could and then slam back shut. My pastor used to make jokes saying "Either Gods coming in or the Devils going out." On one occasion i was using the restroom by the church entrance and a friend of mine was waiting to use it after me. My friend then called to me through the door that the church entrance kept opening on its own. I went to tell him to stop being stupid when i heard my name whispered inside the stall with me. I hurried and got out of the restroom and went to check outside, assuming someone was messing with us.

After checking i could find no one so i went inside and told my friend that there was nobody outside. I closed the door and made sure it was latched, and as i turned to walk away the door swung back open behind me. Needless to say i ran like a little girl away from that door. On another occasion we had a missionary visiting us and he had an alter call, which to those of you who dont know is when people can leave their seats and come to the alter to pray or be prayed for. I had gone up and was just watching everything unfold when i looked towards the church entrance and saw a face in the window. It was only there for a moment before disappearing but it was enough to scare the living daylights out of me.

At the time the only thing i could compare it to was Darth Maul from Star Wars. Red and black stripes, horns and all. Of course at the time no one listened to me as i was just a kid. A few years later long after id left a ghost hunting team went in to investigate the building. As it turns out the church was built in an ancient indian burial ground. And as i got older i realized the face in the window could have looked like a native american with war paint. Now im not the only one to experience things in the building.

My little cousin, we'll call him Isaiah for this story, was very young at the time like between 3 and 5 years old. During a service my Aunt noticed his eyes were fixed on the ceiling, darting back and forth from one end of the ceiling to the other. My aunt asked him what he was looking at and he said "Dont you see them? The angels and demons are fighting." 

Now one of the least liked spots of the building was the basement, of course right? But there was something about this basement, it felt wrong like you weren't welcome there. At one time my older cousin, we'll call him jack had gone down there with two of my other cousins we'll call them Anna and Sarah. They had been sent down to grab some food for the pantry but Jack wanted to look around the basement. He opened a door and was greeted by pitch black, except for two small yellow eyes glowing in the darkness. Anna and Sarah took off back up the stairs and Jack was left by himself. He looked back when they had run and then looked back to the darkness but the eyes had gone... Only to reappear 4 times bigger! That was enough for jack, he ran like crazy. 

On another occasion when Jack was feeling brave he went back down to the basement and to that door. When he opened it he quickly turned on the lights. No eyes this time. He started to look around when he noticed a hole in the wall. Now the basement was unfinished to a lot of it was just dirt wall. He decided to crawl through and found himself surround by what look liked child sized holes dug into the dirt. Now we cant say this for certain but he theorized that this could have been a spot where child slavery had occurred. 

This last experience was when i was 20, i was with some friends near this church and i thought it would be a good idea to check in on the old place. We walked to the back door and i tried it to find that it opened freely. This was odd as this building had new ownership but no one was there. I peeked inside and had to tell my friends to shut up for a minute so i could listen. I kid you not i heard chains dragging on the floor. That was it, i was done. Im 27 now and i havent been back to the old place in quite some time. And if things are as bad as they were i never want to go back. 

Thats my story, believe it or dont i really dont care. All i know is this place made me believe in the paranormal and that not everything can be explained by science. 
Joseph Peloquin
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