My name is Jon. This story took place in the woods of Kentucky, in the fall of 2018.

My grandmother had given me a hunting rifle for my 17th birthday, so I was excited for hunting season. Disappointment came when I did not get paid enough to purchase a hunting license or tags. My grandmother and mother surprised me with all the things I would need to hunt that year.

My grandmother owns 32 acres of land in South West Kentucky, so I was planning on hunting for deer on her property. That was a decision I regret terribly.

I went to her house that day excited to get outside. I showered, ate breakfast, and went out to the stand. When I got to the stand, I climbed up into it and loaded my rifle. I sat very still as I waited for a deer to show up. I remember feeling very drowsy. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke, two hours had passed. I checked my phone and saw the time, 12:00PM. Lunch time. I started down the ladder of the stand when I noticed something moving behind my stand.

It was a tall creature, standing in the darkness of the woods. I could not make out any details, except that it stood nearly at the top of my 8 foot ladder stand. I heard a low growl when it noticed that I had seen it. One word came to my mind. Run.

I jumped down the rest of the way to the ground and started to run. The creature jumped into the sunlight after me and I finally saw what it was. It looked like a giant wolf, but wolves don't stand on their hind legs. I fired at it with my 30-06 hunting rifle. It yelped and charged even faster after me. I remember running faster, thinking I would not make it to my grandmother's house 400 yards away. I felt it's breath on my neck the whole time as I ran from it. When I made it back to my grandmother's house, I shut and locked the door and reloaded my hunting rifle. My grandmother asked my if I got anything. I simply told her I had spotted one, fired, and missed.

Beware the woods of Kentucky. There are things that lurk in those woods that will kill you if they get a chance. I'm lucky I got away. I guess that werewolf wasn't hungry. Or it just wanted me to leave IT'S forest.

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