Ok so to start off my dad is a grave digger so he is always around graves and has dug hundreds of graves  I'll be telling it from his point of view because this was his story.(I won't be sharing the name of the person who is going to be buried)

-Beginning of Story- I had just finished digging a grave for (Deceased Person) after hours so I was tired and headed home for the day. Next day when I came back to the graveyard the hole was filled in. I thought maybe the hole had collapsed in but it was patted down and there were dress shoes prints on  the patted down dirt. After I called the Priest (My boss) and he said nobody should have filled it in. So I had to dig it all out again. After hours of re digging the hole it was done and dug out so I headed home it was 6 pm by now. Then the next morning I went back to check on the hole and sure enough somebody had filled it in again more of the same dress shoes prints on the dirt. I told the priest and he had me set up a camera after I re dug the hole for a third time and left at 5 pm. Next morning I went to check the footage and it was recording up untill 2 am then it cut out for 2 hours and started recording again at 4 am. Now I was starting to get really peed off so I told the priest I was gonna camp out after re digging the hole because the funeral was on sunday and it was Thursday that night so I had two days for the whole to stay dug. So I camped out for a while in the shed and the I saw see movement out of the corner of my eye so I ran out of the shed and yelled "Don't move prick" when the person turned around I saw it was the deceased man in a tux, to be more exact if was the deceased man who I was supposed to put six feet under on Sunday. A little insight on how this guy died he was hit by a truck and his face had split open from the impact, so there he was split open face,pale and all. No need to say as I'm sure u geussed I ran out of there as fast as I could. We talked to the man's family and they got him cremated instead since the grave thing wasn't working out. I didn't tellt family that I saw their dead family member fill in his own grave and that was that.
-End of Story-

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