I Walked Through My

Mirror And Can't Get Out

Part 1

Step one light 20 candles around the mirror

Step two cut your finger and let the blood drip on the mirror

Step three Enter the mirror

Posted by “”’ Unkown””

My name is Reht and I have been trapped in this place for a long time. Months, years, centuries. I don’t know I don’t even remember. All I know is survive and kill, survive and kill, survive and kill…

I’m sorry let me give you some knowledge about were I am and who I am.

Like I said my name is Reht and I have been living in this place for who knows how long. Honestly, this place feels like an eternity.

I’m leaving this recording here if someone finds it you most likely are in the same boat as me I want to give knowledge of my life and how I got here. This place changes the people who enter and not for the better. I want people to know who I was.

On my 25th birthday, me and a couple of buddies were searching some forums for some cool scary challenges that are supposed to be real. For example, we messed around and tried doing the midnight man game, and bloody mary that kind of stupid shit.

God, we were so stupid. We should have just got drunk like some normal college kids but no we decided to play with the unknown. We had our whole lives ahead of us. I was going to be a history teacher I was almost done college. I even had a beautiful girlfriend who I loved very much and a family I wouldn’t trade for the world.

We stumbled on a weird website with pictures of a broken-down world with the title “Through The Mirror”

We laughed and giggled at how well done the website was and how descriptive everything was. The website talked about how behind mirrors the opposite world lies, a place full of danger and monsters. It said that only people with the seek of adventure and aren’t scared to die should try the challenge.

We decided we would try it for shits and giggles because we were bored and didn’t believe it anyway. We packed some bags and grabbed a knife each and set up the mirror. We looked like idiots I was the only one who took it semi-serious because im always skeptical at least a little bit of the “What If” of situations.

When our blood touched the mirror it became slightly fuzzy like blurry almost. I was the only one who noticed this I believe because my friend jokingly pushed me into it.

I fell through and my friends soon followed. We were freaking the fuck out because we just discovered an actual gateway to another world. We were talking about the idea of selling it to the government for cash. We decided to turn back in fear of the place but when we did we saw that the mirror we came in from had a crack.

We tried putting our hand through the mirror but it kept rejecting us. We even put some candles down and a droplet of our blood on the mirror to see if we could restart the thing to go back but it didn’t work.

We began to flip shit.

My friend began to freak out and bash on the glass in tears screaming for it to let us through but it was to no avail we were trapped…

I don’t think I said where we were exactly standing in but it was my room but everything was backward. Everything in this world was the other way around objects that should be on the right of me were on the left everything was backward.

We decided to leave the room and go outside for help.

When we walked outside my apartment building seemed to crumble. I watched as it collapsed behind us ash rising from it. It looked as if the place burnt down years ago but it didn’t make sense we were just in it.

We stood there staring at the crumbled remains of what used to be our apartment we all shared.


My friend dropped to the ground his name was Luke. I saw as blood came from his head and watched as his body went limp. I grabbed my friend and ran we ran to a gas station near our place. It was all abandoned and run down. The place was boarded up but we managed to find a hole in the wall to crawl through.

Right as we realized we were safe we just began to puke. The anxiety, fear, and the loss of our friend just killed us.

I passed out I couldn’t take it.

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