My short story

As I drove along the highway, I had seemed to have taken a wrong turn. The GPS my father had given me was basically flipping me off and my cell had about 4% battery.
I pull into a reststop to see where on earth I actually was. The sun gently dipped behind the very dense forest just behind the building. I go inside and relieve myself. Thankfully there was a roll of toilet paper.
After business concluded, I washed my hands and headed back to the car. I opened the car door and suddenly I heard noises coming from the forest. It was breathing. Heavy breathing. Very heavy breathing. The sound was quite familiar. I thought to myself, "Someone's getting banged in the forest."
I stood still for a minute to acclimate my eyes to the darkness. I creeped closer very slowly. But, the closer I got, the more I thought, "These aren't people." Their sounds were very guttural, primal.
About 20 yards ahead I saw this form begin to take shape. I backed up a few yards, went to Google store and downloaded a night vision app. "NINE NINETY-NINE??" I thought. Wtf?? Oh well. It'll be worth it if I get some pics. I turned the app on, pointed it at the form and as stealthily as possible, I inched forward.
I could not believe my fucking eyes. I was impressed with this app. It was like daytime. Before me was 2 animals? I'm guessing. Although they weren't animals. There was one on all fours. Dark silvery gray fur. Female breasts. A perfect blend of human and wolf facial features. Paws where hands and feet should be adorned with claws. Behind the female stood a male, claws firmly gripping her haunches. He was at least 7 ft tall and probably 450 lbs. Rock solid muscle covered with a blacker than black fur. His face was contorted like he was about to "seal the deal." He let out a howl, cry, scream like the T-rex from Jurassic Park only louder and more feral.
I took a couple pics. Feeling quite proud I did this all unnoticed, I did what every idiot does in every movie. After walking a few feet back to the vehicle, I stepped on a fallen branch. CRACK!! Quickly, I looked back at the two. They were looking directly at me like a fat kid eyeing up a whopper.
I sprinted back to the car, opened the door, jumped in and slammed the door shut. A millisecond after I did that, I heard a loud SLAM! The roof began to cave in. Both of them were on my roof. On both sides a head peeked down looking in at me.
I slipped the key in, started the engine and floored it the fuck out of there. I didn't stop until I reached the end of my road. To make sure they were gone, I cracked my window and took a pic of the car roof. Nothing was there....except for dozens of punctures where their claws had dug in.
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🤣😭😭😭 BROOOO!!! This has gotta be the most funniest shit I have ever heard of. This stories posting is a NEED! Do you still have the pics? 
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This is great tho lol. Goes to show that even the scary bois like a little fun.
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Avery Ann Jones A jone
Hay t Jay  I bet you that  this person doesn't  have crooked  eyes
Avery jones 
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Tbh, Idk if I believe this but it is funny nonetheless XD
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